Where to buy commercials in today’s market in DHA Lahore

Where to buy commercials in today’s market in DHA Lahore

New Year new beginnings 2018. This article on where to buy commercials in today’s market in DHA Lahore will focus on two, three major underlined aspects. One aspect is the price appreciation which is tough in today’s market, secondly rental returns, thirdly the inherent risks attached with each commercial commodity.

For Personal Use

For personal use depending upon the nature of the business you have to select a location. If it is a retail outlet you have to select areas with the maximum footfall. The kind of retail outlet also matters.

For food business your options are

  1. 4 or 7 marla in H block market the area in and around Jaidi Pan shop, Karachi hot and spicy for catering middle, middle upper class.
  2. For a high end food outlet your option is Z block market facing inner parking.
  3. For low end food items or startups/small businesses it is best to go for a sector shop instead.
  4. For bakery items it is best to open up at any main road such as G block main road commercials, Phase 4 DD or FF main road, Phase 5 main road, and Phase 2 main road commercials on and near Lalik Jan Chowk.

For garments business

  1. G and H block dividing road commercials for middle, middle upper class.
  2. Y block dividing road between Potpourri and HKB for high end clothing
  3. Near Pizza Hut and Alfatah of Y block

For other retail outlets

Depending upon the nature of the business a departmental store will suffice in any market given a higher footfall. For furniture and tiles e.g. you can always look towards DD, Phase 6 CCA 1, FF market, Phase 6 MB.

For businesses where you don’t require a high footfall

For a business office it is always advisable to buy in Phase 8 Broadway, Phase 5 B or D block commercials, Phase 1 F block is less priced but also less privileged as you only have 5 stories instead of 7 which are allowed from Phase 5 onwards.

For Investment purpose

From an investment perspective connotations are different. We are looking for two king of commodities one which are rising, others which have fallen steeply in prices.

Phase 8 Broadway

It is always advisable to buy a plot in Broadway of 8 marla but not on main road as the prices are nearing maturity. When you buy plots on back of main or on locations inside Broadway the prices are almost half of what the demand is on the main road. Give or take two to three years the prices on the inside will rise and the correction will give almost double the returns which is hard to find anywhere in today’s market.

Phase 6 CCA 2

The prices have dipped steeply and it is highly advisable to secure a position as of today because we never know when they will start rising again. The prices in 4 marla have come down by almost 10 million PKR which is very high considering development is almost complete. Due to non-possession of the area and the delay in underpass to Phase 9 town the prices have come down. It is the best time to buy a plot in CCA 2 at lower rates.

Phase 9 Town

After the ballot we have seen that after a sudden rise in the prices immediately, as the time progresses the prices have fallen below PKR 315 lacs which was the benchmark. This benchmark was set due to the file price which remained stable at this rate before the ballot. It is highly advisable to secure a position and hold it for at least two to three years to enjoy hefty gains. Once the development of E block starts we will see a sudden rise in the prices of E block commercials. E block has also taken down with it the prices of CCA market in A block.

Phase 8 Park View file

Although much delayed a Park View 4 marla file still has a lot to offer as the prevailing price of an 8 marla plot is 8 crores this file only costs 240 lacs to 260 lacs. Inclusive of development charges a plot when balloted should cost anywhere between 375 to 450 lacs depending upon the location. Due to a small piece of land this ballot has been delayed but at any moment in time DHA will announce the ballot and it will be gold for anyone holding a position in the form of a file.

DHA Rahbar Phase 2 extension file

This 4 marla file has a lot to offer. The reason is that it will be the only phase in Rahbar which will offer commercials on the main Defence Road. It is highly advisable for a short term investment. The ballot is due any month. The land is clear, DHA is just finalizing the nitty-gritties of the project. It will surely give around 4-5 million immediate returns.

Rental Returns

For a high rental yield there are limited options in DHA Lahore. One has to realize the potential of each investment in forms of rental returns and appreciation of the commodity. Some of the main options will be discussed in this forum.

Phase 6 MB

Phase 6 MB is still increasing in prices and plots on the main MB of first three lanes from 2-124 will provide almost 0.6%-0.7% monthly yield. It is highly advisable to secure a position in these first three lanes.

Phase 5 CCA

In Phase 5 CCA market it would be advisable to buy a plot in the inner circle as the rental yield is high. It will give you returns of around 6% per annum. On the main road it might not be much lucrative in terms of rental but price appreciation would be higher. For a 4 marla option buy on the inner side as it will give you good rental returns.

Phase 3 Y and Z block

If you are interested in securing a commercial commodity amidst all the high commercial activity you can certainly go for a plot instead of a plaza in Y block or Z block. 8 marla will give better returns compared to a 4 marla option as 4 marla options in Y block are mostly towards the end. In Z block mostly the 4 marla good options are already taken.


Depending upon your needs all options have been discussed. In short if you are to invest it is advisable to choose one appealing option. For rental returns it’s a different ball game, for personal use depending on the nature of the business various options have their own respective connotation.

Submitted by:

Khawaja Umer Shehzad

Managing Partner

MBA Finance (Cardiff University, UK)

(+92) 0320-8484630

(+92) 0300-4679010

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muhamamd azeem uddin
muhamamd azeem uddin

Dear shahzad If you have joined your classes properly at your MBA, then i am sure you would know about the parameters which have based to calculate Real esate prices. wheres as the question to understand ADOPTION CURVE,, their are very few people who know it, and this is the major mistake mostly people do. i personally feel that Stock and real estate are being handling few strange hands and now it is by luck few people may have get benefit but overall it it is not. just like playing gambling in casino. where as question of mostly people ,… Read more »

nazish fatima
nazish fatima

sir, the current economic indication shows that in Pakistan the real estate prices are BUBBLE and nothing else. the prices are not a fair price at all. it is not possible to explain each and every aspect but it is truth as per international standard economic parameters, that real estate prices are fake in pakistan. people are investing just to see each other not by brain.

if you understood my point then kindly explain when it would be BURST. sir kindly note it: IF THEIR IS BUBBLE THEN IT MUST BE BURST. bubble have no life,

Capt Shahnawaz

Salaam, Real estate prices are not a bubble any more , actually in the past 100 years or so , the major reason for real estate prices to rise is demographics. Pakistan stock market size has grown by more than 400% just in last 5 years. Every year there is more money in the market and therefore people are getting richer and richer. My family owned one car, one house 20 years back now we have like 20 cars, 6 houses and other property. This is not a bubble so it wont burst, although it will have corrections and presently… Read more »

Noman Ahsan
Noman Ahsan

Dear Sir do you have any idea Balloting of Commercial EX-Parkview

Capt Shahnawaz


I am pretty sure we will hear some good news soon, it should not be delayed further by DHA in my opinion and should happen in 2018. Fingers crossed.

Jazak Allah

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