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Where to invest in DHA in 2019? An overview of first quarter 2019

Posted by Capt Shahnawaz on March 7, 2019

Where to invest in DHA in 2019? An overview of first quarter 2019

Where to invest in DHA in 2019? An overview of first quarter 2019

In the first quarter of 2019 we have seen a drop in the prices of previously speculative areas. Even in mature phases the prices are more or less at a standstill. The last quarter in real estate is normally the best time for exit. The first quarter is always a buying period. We will study different perspectives with regard to stable, downward and upward trends.

Stable trends

We have seen that DHA Rahbar files especially 4 marla commercials are at the low prices. This means this would be the best buying time. They remain stable with profits expected after ballot. The ballot is expected this year anytime between July to December.

Broadway commercials have remained stagnant after the decrease in prices in the last two years. These are the commodities which one believes are at a low. The only way now would be upwards. With the opening of McDonald’s in Polo Club adjacent to Broadway Phase 8 Commercials there is a great sign of positivity with respect to retail.

Phase 8 residential plots have also witnessed stability with respect to prices. Similarly Phase 7 upper portion remains stable.

Phase 6 CCA remains stable despite positive elements i.e. brands opening up. The main reason is the rental return which is on the low side.


Invest in DHA:

Phase 7 residential plots in the lower portion have witnessed a slight dip in prices as the possession bubble which added 1-1.5 million bursts. This was a very nominal increase in price with respect to the long awaited possession. The prices are not at the previous low but have decreased by 500000-700000. Commercials have also witnessed a dip in prices but are now on the stable side in March. These commercials might give you a very good ROI in the upcoming months.

DHA Multan prices have also witnessed a decrease in prices with the price now fluctuating at 45-45.35 lacs. Installment files altogether are at their lowest at the moment.

Phase 9 prices have witnessed a slight decrease in prices. This could be the ideal time for procuring a plot. But I don’t see it going upwards in the next 12 months as well. Maybe it’d increase by 500000 at most. So you have an option of buying later as well.

Phase 8 Z block has witnessed a slight decrease in prices as well. But it will shoot up in the next couple of months. With the possession in the next 12-14 months there is a good chance of appreciation as well. It would be very fruitful to buy a plot right now.

Phase 9 Town has witnessed a slight decrease but as the number of houses is on the rise I believe correction would take place adding anywhere between 3-5 lacs in prices.

Phase 6 CCA 2 has seen a dip in prices and seem very lucrative as future investments.

Phase 8 CCA 1 and 2 have witnessed a dip in prices and are a longer term investment.

Phase 8 Z block commercials are stable as of now. It would also seem a very lucrative option from a commercial investment point of view.

Upward trends

Invest in DHA:

Phase 5 has seen a slight increase in prices. Although nominal but the prices have increased a bit.

Phase 6 has also witnessed an increase in prices, especially L block, K block which were previously undervalued in my opinion in comparison to adjacent blocks.

Bahawalpur files have witnessed an increase in file price. With the ballot taking place even off map plots have seen an increase of 2-3 lacs each. Good plots can be traded at 38-40 lacs as well. This is what happens when ballot takes place, therefore, the emphasis on buying Multan as Multan file ballot is next in line.

Phase 9 town commercials have witnessed an increase in prices although it’s around 5% but it is significant considering they were very well under par for quite a while. This is due to the development of E block. Once the machinery moved to E block we saw an increase in prices as well.


Invest in DHA:

It is a very wise decision to invest in Phase 8 Broadway for the next 3-4 years

CCA 2 Phase 6 will prove to be very fruitful in times to come as the prices are at their lowest

Buy a Multan 1 Kanal file as the ballot is expected this year this could give a very decent ROI

CCA 4 and 5 can be very lucrative in terms of investment as the prices are at their lowest in Phase 7

Phase 8 Z block can be very fruitful especially 5 marla and commercial plots at the time of possession

In order to build a house right now phase 5 and 6 will continue to flourish, phase 7 will also be viable in case of lower budget.



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What about 4 Marla Commercial Ex Parkview Files?? Anything to look forward to?


Yes I believe that it is on a very good price anywhere between 2 to 2.5 crores.

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