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DHA Peshawar Map

DHA Peshawar Maps

DHA peshawar location map

DHA Peshawar management has Officially announced its Position Chart, the chart shows the updated layout plan of sectors. We’ve updated all sectors charts of DHA Peshawar.

While close to Nasir Bagh Road, Askari VI Peshawar, and other societies like Yaseen town Peshawar, Hafiz Town and run parallel to Regi Model colony.

It’s located in the stylish position of the megacity girdled by relatively advanced and well-known society, i.e. It’s the only society in Peshawar that has all the necessities of life

Here, we have listed the maps of 3 most important sectors of DHA Peshawar which are 

  1. DHA Peshawar Sector A
  2. DHA Peshawar Sector B
  3. DHA Peshawar Sector C

DHA Peshawar Map sector A

DHA Peshawar Map sector A mostly contains 1 Kanal plot with a dimension of 50 x 90,
while there are some 2 Kanal plots having a dimension of 90 x 100

DHA Peshawar Map sector B

DHA Peshawar Map sector B is similar to Sector A and C, so it also contains mostly 1 Kanal plots with a dimension of 50 x 90,
while there are some 2 Kanal plots having a dimension of 90 x 100

DHA Peshawar Map sector C

DHA Peshawar Map sector C is same as sector A and B, most of the plots in DHA Peshawar sector C contains1 Kanal plot with a dimension of 50 x 90,
some plots are smaller, so it all depends on your budget and requirements.

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