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Apartments In Lahore

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Lahore Apartments

Apartments are becoming increasingly popular in Lahore. Offering 6 to 10% rentals serviced and luxury apartments in Lahore are fast becoming the first choice of investors besides being a life style choice for the elite. While the budget apartments provide a cost effective alternative to houses.

Holiday Home

Serviced and luxury apartments in Lahore offer an ideal holiday home for expats & others looking for a leisure time without worrying about maintenance, upkeep and room service.

Retirement Home

For old couples who spend there time abroad with children or want to avoid the hassle of maintaining a home, apartments are the best choice.

Temporary Home

Lahore being a metropolitan attracts thousands of people looking for job and apartments offer a flexible solution for every one from luxury to affordable housing.

Secure living

Due to an inherent added security apartment living has become popular with people looking for added security. This includes singles, women & couples.

Investment Value

Due to a higher demand apartments in Lahore specially luxury and serviced apartments offers some of the highest rental yields in the world along with strong capital appreciation.


Low cost apartments are always in demand from the people who are looking for larger living space in an inexpensive price.

5 Reasons to choose Apartment Living | Apartments Lahore


Our apartments are in prime locations to make your day to activities and travel easy.


Explore our various apartments and sizes.


Visit your site office, take advantage of the resident portal, or contact the after-hours emergency line.

Built in Community

You will see the some people daily. Engage in conversation or join a CLV Group event to meet your neighbors.


Choose a building that meets your needs from swimming pools to rooftop patios and more.

Types of Apartments in Lahore

Serviced Apartments in Lahore

Serviced apartments and hotel apartments in Lahore come fully furnished and offer rental management services. For starters these come with fully equipped kitchens and offer the best of both worlds ” hotels and luxury apartments”. Owners can also choose to live here, rent it out themselves or offer it to be rented out by the management as they are suiteable and planned for short term as well as private and personal stay. These buildings offer all comparable amenities as in a hotel, with added facilities that make it feel more like a home than a hotel room. This includes a proper kitchen and personal laundry service. The best example is Downtown Mall & Residences.

Luxury Apartments in Lahore

If you are looking to stay for longer or on permanent basis than luxury apartments are the way to go. Although they give a good rental yield as well , but there is no rental guarantees given by the management. The amenities are similar to a serviced hotel apartment, however in terms of services it offers the least as these are planned and built for long term stays and personal use. Indigo Boutique & Goldcrest apartments fit in this category of luxury apartments in Lahore.

Hotel Rooms in Lahore

Hotel rooms is another category and are some times confused with serviced apartments in Lahore. These are basically hotel rooms and are best suiteable as an investment for rental generation. These units are not equipped with kitchen and are unsuitable for longer stays. Hotels offer more services than usually offered in a serviced apartment such as complementary buffet breakfast, choices of restaurants and other services present in a hotel. The rooms are usually smaller than serviced/hotel apartments and owners are allowed to stay for a small period of time every year which is usually between 15 to 30 days. The best example of these hotels is Indigo Hotel.

Budget Apartments in Lahore

Apartments in Lahore are not always luxury and these are best suited for those looking for permanent residence at an affordable price. These apartments are suiteable for those who need a larger space at a lower price than a standard home. There are usually no amenities or services offered in these units except those at a community level. The best example of these units is Askari apartments.

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LAHORE being a metropolitan city houses a variety of apartment projects, including Serviced, Luxury and Budget apartments. However this new trend is still in its infancy stage and we are seeing a number of buildings popping out one by one to meet the desired demand.

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Imlaak offers you reliable & 100% transparent Pre sale services that include :

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Here at ‘Imlaak’, we believe in change for the better, and are constantly challenging tradition. We have a strong desire to improve the way our industry operates and do business differently to give you the edge.If you choose to use ‘Imlaak’ as your personal investment manager, our experienced staff will help you maintain your property portfolios online and ensure that you are always a click away from the latest evaluation of your assets. Besides that, we will formulate special investment plans and custom plans on special requests depending upon your portfolios.

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