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DHA Lahore File Prices and Other Cities Files Price

Latest Price of DHA Lahore files and other city files such as DHA Quetta, DHA Multan, DHA Gujranwala etc. Please note that file prices are very volatile and are subject to change without any prior notice.

DHA Lahore File Prices and Other Cities Files Price

Latest Price of DHA Lahore files and other city files such as DHA Quetta, DHA Multan, DHA Gujranwala etc.  Please note that file prices are very volatile and are subject to change without any prior notice.
Dha LahorePhase 10Residential1 KanalAffidavit125 Lacs+923222237332
Dha LahorePhase 10Residential1 KanalAllocation123 Lacs+923222237332
Dha LahorePhase 7Residential5 marlaAllocation77.50 Lacs +92 322 8068186
Dha LahorePhase 10Residential5 MarlaAllocation56 lacs+923222237332
Dha LahorePhase 13Residential1 KanalAllocation98 Lacs+923222237332
Dha LahorePhase 13Residential10 MarlaAllocation58 Lacs+923222237332
Dha LahorePhase 13Residential5 MarlaAllocation38.50 Lacs+923222237332
DHA LahorePhase 9 PrismResidential1 KanalAffidavit190 Lacs+923222237332
DHA LahorePhase 9 PrismResidential1 KanalAllocation.+923222237332
DHA LahorePhase 9 PrismResidential10 MarlaAffidavit192 Lacs+923222237332
DHA LahorePhase 9 PrismResidential10 MarlaAllocation121 Lacs+923222237332
DHA LahorePhase 9 PrismResidential5 MarlaAffidavit.+923222237332
DHA LahorePhase 9 PrismResidential5 MarlaAllocation70.50 Lacs+923222237332
DHA LahorePhase 9 TownResidential5 MarlaAffidavit86.50 Lacs+923222237332
DHA LahorePhase 9 TownResidential5 MarlaAllocation85.50 Lacs+923222237332
DHA LahorePhase 7Residential1 KanalAffidavit.+923222237332
DHA LahorePhase 7Residential1 KanalAllocation205 Lacs+923222237332
DHA LahorePhase 7Residential10 MarlaAffidavit.+923222237332
DHA LahorePhase 7Residential10 MarlaAllocation130 Lacs+923222237332
DHA LahorePhase 7Residential5 MarlaAffidavit.+923222237332
DHA LahorePhase 7Residential5 MarlaAllocation74 Lacs+923222237332
DHA QuettaPhase 1Residential1 KanalAffidavit.+923222237332
DHA QuettaPhase 1Residential1 KanalAllocation104 Lacs+923222237332
DHA GujranwalaPhase 1Residential1 KanalAffidavit97 Lacs+923222237332
DHA GujranwalaPhase 1Residential1 KanalAllocation93 Lacs+923222237332
DHA GujranwalaPhase 1Residential10 MaralAffidavit.+923222237332
DHA GujranwalaPhase 1Residential10 MarlaAllocation60.50 Lacs+923222237332
DHA GujranwalaPhase 1Residential5 MarlaAffidavit.+923222237332
DHA GujranwalaPhase 1Residential5 MarlaAllocation40.50 Lacs+923222237332
DHA MultanPhase 1Residential1 KanalAffidavit79 Lacs+923222237332
DHA MultanPhase 1Residential1 KanalAllocation80 Lacs+923222237332
DHA MultanPhase 1Residential10 MarlaAffidavit56 Lacs+923222237332
DHA MultanPhase 1Residential10 MarlaAllocation57 Lacs+923222237332
DHA MultanPhase 1Residential5 MarlaAffidavitCall Us For Best Prices+923222237332
DHA MultanPhase 1Residential5 MarlaAllocation37 Lacs+923222237332
DHA BahawalpurPhase 1Residential1 KanalAffidavit57 Lacs+923222237332
DHA BahawalpurPhase 1Residential1 KanalAllocation55.50 Lacs+923222237332
DHA BahawalpurPhase 1 Z BlockResidential1 KanalAffidavit63 Lacs+923222237332
DHA BahawalpurPhase 1 Z BlockResidential1 KanalAllocation.+923222237332
DHA BahawalpurPhase 1Residential10 MarlaAffidavit40.70 Lacs+923222237332
DHA BahawalpurPhase 1Residential10 MarlaAllocation39 Lacs+923222237332
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Buying a plot in DHA Lahore is very easy, We offer you authentic plots for sale in all phases of DHA Lahore. Just use our search to look for plots in different phases or scroll through all the phases one by one.

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Tips For Buyers

Where to buy

Files offer good return no matter where they are bought, however for short term benefits buy in mature phases such as DHA Phase 5 and for long term prefer Phase 9 Prism and Phase 10 etc.


Best returns on residential files are only possible if you can hold it till near balloting. Trading is the best way to make quick money in files.

Smaller Size Files

They say good things come in small packages, that is true for files too. 5 Marla and 10 Marla files are limited in number and sell off easily.

Tips For Sellers


Buy low and sell high, trading in files is the best way to make money. DHA Lahore files follows a pattern and your agent can help you make a lot of money through these cycles.

Cash in hand

Always sell your file on ready cash, remember that your file is not sold till you get the complete payment in your account.

Haste makes waste

Do not ask for a higher price than the market, get a proper assessment and fix a price accordingly. Haste makes waste , be patient and wait for a good offer.

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