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10 reasons to invest in Goldcrest DHA Lahore

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Why invest in Goldcrest DHA Lahore

Investing in real estate is easy but investing right requires a lot of experience. It is really hard to choose among the bundle of opportunities and can be hard for even the most experienced investors. One of the most important factors i recommend all the people is to go for a project a that has zero risk. Always remember that when it is risk free there is only direction it can go from there.

Investment in real estate is a security and we should treat it as one. Some of us out there want to treat real estate as a stock or a forex market and end up losing what they have.

One of my favorite safe investment i recommend these days is to buy an apartment in DHA Lahore Goldcrest Mall and residency project located in DD block of Phase 4, DHA Lahore.

Goldcrest Mall & residency is a premier structure that embodies the vibrant soul of Lahore. It aims to become an iconic landmark for the thriving urban arena that is DHA Lahore. This is the right opportunity for those looking to invest, and it is the perfect fit if you are looking to build your own home. This exclusive project by Giga Group Holdings is being built in collaboration with DHA Lahoe, and is adorned with stylish & luxury serviced apartments, convenient roadways, lush green surroundings, and an exhaustive list of facilities, all within close proximity of key institutions and entertainment hubs.

In this article we will ponder on some reasons why you should invest in Goldcrest DHA Lahore and investment value it offers against your money.

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What is Goldcrest Mall & Residency

Goldcrest DHA Lahore is a Joint Venture project between Giga group and DHA Lahore. It offers 4 dedicated parking basements, 5 Commercial floors which will hold the top retail outlets in Pakistan. The commercial shops are not for sale and will be leased to the brands by DHA itself. Alfateh departmental store has already booked an area of more than 45000 sqft for its store. Besides that fun city will be located on the lower ground of the building and super cinema along with food court on the 5th commercial floor of the building.

4th Floor consists of various amenities including spa, gym, swimming pool etc.

From 5th to 14th floor, luxury adapts to your needs at Goldcrest Mall & Residency. Choose from convenient studios, one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom apartments. The apartments are spacious, giving you a free hand and unlimited choices about what you wish to do with the space.

With 10 floors of 264 luxuriously appointed residences, you’re free to get swept away by dramatic city views. Observe the excitement of urban life from the privacy of your balcony, and revel in all Goldcrest has to offer.

Goldcrest also offers a rooftop restaurant for residents and visitors to enjoy.

10 reasons to invest in Goldcrest DHA Lahore

Reason No 1: Brand name

There are a very few real estate brands in Pakistan and DHA is the biggest among all. It has delivered projects all across Pakistan successfully for more than 4 decades now.  A big brand name brings a lot on table for an investor and foremost a promise kept. Goldcrest DHA Lahore enjoys this advantage right from the outset and the initial response of customers has been outstanding so far.  is the official marketing company and is the authorized sellers of Goldcrest DHA Lahore.

Reason No 2: Secure investment

When you invest in real estate the most important thing is safety and security of your hard earned money and in this case you can rest assure that each and every penny you have spent is safe with DHA Lahore. If you invest in Goldcrest DHA Lahore the risk is zero and the only way it can go is higher from this day onward.

Reason No 3: Mega project

DHA Lahore Goldcrest apartments is a mega project spread over 27 Kanals of land. This makes it one of the biggest luxury apartment residency projects in Lahore. Bigger projects are always more suitable when it comes to investment value, community living and amenities offered. It will be hard to provide all these facilities in a smaller project spread over 4 to 8 Kanals. The only project you can compare it with is Mall of Lahore in posh areas of Lahore.

Reason No 4: Location

One of the most important features of any real estate investment is its location. Goldcrest luxury apartments in DHA Lahore feature an ideal location on Ghazi road ( New airport road ) just 8 kms from Allama Iqbal international airport, in close proximity of all phases of DHA, Lahore and Phase 3 DHA commercial area. It is unique and has a better location than Mall of Lahore, where a 3 bed apartment costs almost 5 crore.

Reason No 5: Layout

I am a big fan of the layout of the entire building, although apartment buildings in Gulberg Lahore may offer luxury apartments, they are not comparable to what Goldcrest has to offer. This is one of the finest in community living & standards. The apartment sizes are huge, you have a lot of flexibility and choice of selection.

It is therefore wise to invest in Goldcrest apartments as you will have a bigger choice for layout.

Reason No 6: Apartments are trending

In the last decade we have seen luxury apartment buildings demand rise every year in Lahore. This demand is likely to increase in coming years as more business activity is likely to happen due to CPEC. Apartment buildings are more suitable for foreign executives because of less hassle and security.

This aspect has been very well explained by Mr,Hassan Bhatti in his article why you should buy an apartment in Lahore. This trend of apartments will continue to rise and we can already see a lot of such projects in pipeline in Lahore.

Serviced apartments in Goldcrest DHA Lahore fill the space in the market for high end luxury apartments.

Reason No 7: Diversification

This is a basic principle of any investment and is very much true for real estate as well. Diversification in real estate investment will help you remain flexible and broaden your horizon. I always advise people to diversify there investments in real estate and never put all your eggs in one basket. Goldcrest Mall and residency offers you a very unique opportunity to invest and build up your real estate portfolio. So if you already own a few plots in DHA, it is better to buy a luxury apartment rather than buying another plot.

Reason No 8: Rental returns

Luxury apartments such as those in Goldcrest DHA Lahore offer great rental returns. The best thing is that you do not ever have to worry about the maintenance. In addition your tenants are usually high profile executives, multi national firms or expats who are actually the best kind of tenants one can wish for.

If you invest in Goldcrest apartments in DHA Lahore rest assured that you will get up to 7 to 8% annual rental returns.

Reason No 9: Prestige

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when some one tells you that he owns an apartment in Mall of Lahore? . A prestigious address adds to your personality and speaks a lot about your lifestyle. It tells others that you are a man of wealth and taste. While this may seem superfluous to some it is the reality of the world we live in and the lifestyle choices you make will determine how the world looks at you. Rich people do not keep these apartments to show off but they require them for VIP guests, side offices, private & confidential meetings etc.

Reason No 10: Investment returns

Investment returns on Goldcrest Mall and residency are huge. In terms of comparison, price of Mall of Lahore apartment is approx more than 22000 Per sqft and in Goldcrest it is merely 15500 Per sqft. I believe that within next 6 to 8 months the price of Goldcrest will rise to 18000 Per sqft. 2500 Pkr per sqft increase means that for a 1500 sqft apartment you have a net gain of 3.7 Million rupees.

The best thing is that you are not even paying the complete amount in next 8 months. The maximum you will be paying is approx 50% of total amount in next 6 to 8 months. That means you will gain 2500 Pkr Per sqft after paying just 7500 to 8000 Pkr per sqft.

If you want to learn more please Download Broucher of Goldcrest Mall and residency DHA Lahore.

Goldcrest offers some very lucrative payment plans and options available to investors. You can book you apartment with just 30% down payment and 20% payment on possession. Remaining 50% payment can be given over a period of 21 months in fixed monthly or quarterly installments. You can also avail 10% discount on the entire price of apartment in Goldcrest DHA Lahore if you pay 100% down payment. Payment plan of Goldcrest Mall and residency DHA Lahore is as under :

goldcrest payment plan
Goldcrest Payment plan

I hope this helps you make a right choice for your investment. At imlaak we strongly suggest that you invest in Goldcrest DHA Lahore apartments. You can also read our expert analysis and ranking of Goldcrest DHA Lahore exclusively by experts of

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Captain (Retd) Shahnawaz Yaqub Bhatti

Investment Consultant and CEO at Imlaak

Mob : +92 333 1717170 ( Whatsapp)

Skype : Shahnawaz.yaqub

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I want to have maps of 1,2,3 bedrooms apartment and prices


Are any units available on resale. If yes, what’s the sq. feet rate?

Mohammed Mohsan

I am interested in 2,3 bedroom apartment in dha gold crest
Please get in touch.


sir please tell expected possesion time for residential apartments units. i.e when one can expect to live there

Shams Khan

In case of delays no fault of Buyer what recourse the buyer have tangible only no junk mails please

Air Cdre (Retd) Binyameen

You have sighted good reasons to invest . It would be better if you forward payment plan also.

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