Phase 9 Prism Development News DHA Lahore

Phase 9 Prism Development News DHA Lahore

DHA Phase 9 Prism Development News

Formal balloting of Phase 9 Prism of DHA Lahore was held on 15th May, 2015 in DHA Auditorium. DHA phase 9 has been officially named as DHA Prism is going to be largest phase in DHA Lahore with 40000 kanals of land with 20000 residential units and 2000 commercial units.It will have state of the art infrastructure of roads, civic zones, mosques, parks, golf course, amusement center, underwater zoo, dolphinarium, business convention center, and many more. DHA Phase 9  development work will start from Jan 2016 onward. It will on average take 3-4 years of time to complete the development of DHA Prism 9.

As per latest news DHA will start the development on DHA Phase 9 prism on 8th Feb 2016. According to the contract that has just been awarded to Maakson, a private firm, the contractor will initiate the construction of main roads – those that are at least 120-foot wide – before all other developments.

DHA Lahore has promised speedy development in DHA Phase 9 prism and plans to complete it before 2020.

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