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Price Trend DHA Lahore February 2018

Posted by Capt Shahnawaz on March 6, 2018

Price Trend DHA Lahore February 2018

Price Trend DHA Lahore February 2018 will focus on the price fluctuations in the past month. This article will focus on the uptrends as well as downtrends to give an idea where each Phase is heading giving in general the idea of the market. Plots as well as files will be discussed in this article.

Phase 5

Phase 5 plots have witnessed an increase in prices. CCA of Phase 5 is relatively stable as of now. The prices have stopped increasing in commercials. Residential plots have a slight increase in prices. This might be a good buy for an end user or for someone who can hold for at least 2 years. 2 Kanal has witnessed zero increase as the rates were already higher. M block prices remain stable.

Phase 6

Phase 6 plot prices continue to rise. This means this is a good time to buy. I don’t generally advice people to buy when the prices are on the rise, but Phase 6 prices in history haven’t gone down after an increase. So before they rise further with little or no chance of decline in the future I strongly recommend buying. With an increase in inquiry of MB sellers have either refused to sell or started demanding abnormal prices. You should only buy if someone is demanding a reasonable price or move to CCA 1 Phase 6 or Phase 8 Broadway.

CCA 2 has is now stable at the higher prices. It is recommended only to buy a plot at a reasonable price. Sellers have witnessed little or no offers at the abnormal prices therefore, only those plots are being traded which are reasonably priced. Higher than the previous low but lower than January prices.

Phase 6 E-Extension now remains stable.

Phase 7

Phase 7 prices have been stable. After the slight rise in January, 2018, February, 2018 has seen stability. The trade volume in residential plots has increased. Commercial buyer is still low in the market. The file price has seen a negative trend and might be a good time to invest in a file.

Prices in superior blocks are now stable with little or no chance of declining. This might be a good time to buy for an end user. From an investment point of view other areas can be defined which haven’t seen an increase in prices as of yet.

Phase 8

Phase 8 is stable in terms of prices. February, 2018 has been stable for Phase 8. Now that the prices are stable people have started buying again. Trade volume has increased. Prices are stable as end user prices are being offered after the gain in January. This might be a good time to buy as more and more end users enter the market.

W and T have seen more trade volume. U has also seen an increase in trade volume. V block still remains the least favorite amongst people. I believe V block buying will turn out to a very good investment as prices weren’t driven higher in January, 2018. X block still sees little or no trade. Y block will turn out to be a very good investment due to insider news which cannot be disclosed on this blog.

Commercial plots in Phase 8 have witnessed more trades especially in Broadway and CCA 1. CCA 2 finally has witnessed a couple of trades especially in 8 marla.

Ex-Park View 2 kanal buying is increasing due to the reasonable prices. Commercial plots have witnessed little or no trade. Files prices have dipped a little in February, 2018. I still believe it’s a very good buy residential or commercial 4 marla.

Ex-Air Avenue finally has seen a bit of trade in 1 kanal plots. 10 marla plots have also seen a rise. Overall it’s still slow compared to other areas of Phase 8. Commercial plots are still stable with negligible trade. I believe a commercial at this price is better compared to other areas.

Ivy Green is still witnessing trade in 5 marla category. 10 marla have also witnessed a slight increase. The commercials are on the decline as predicted. The prices have lowered despite ongoing development in the area.

Overall price trend has remained stable.

Phase 9

Phase 9 might be a good buy as of now as due to the next installment being paid there is zero increase in prices which means now you have to pay less remaining development charges. Price trend is generally downwards.

This trend I believe will continue, but the situation after 3 months might differ due to market trends. I don’t see it happening, but anything that’s been stable this long has sky rocketed in the past. I believe it’s worth the risk to buy as of now. The prices are still on the low.

Phase 9 Town

Phase 9 town is again on the rise now. Price trend is upwards. People are again investing in Phase 9 Town. The reason for this is more and more construction has begun in Phase 9 town. I believe to procure a plot right now might be a good move. Constructing a house for sale at this point might not seem to be such a bright idea.

The reason for this is the increase in competition. Then again, if you can construct a quality house you have more chances to sell comparative to other. Know your competition while constructing a house. It’s one of the safest and cheapest possession option DHA has to offer in this location. Buy and hold, or construct an outclass house.

Buying a commercial in Phase 9 town might be a good decision as of now. The prices are on the low which means anytime the prices will sky rocket once the development in E block starts. This might be the best time to buy a commercial plot at lower rates.

Phase 10

Phase 10 I believe is going to be a good buy if you want to hold for 4-5 years. In the short run due to fluctuations in prices you are able to make good money. The prices in the month of February, 2018 have been more or less stable.

Phase 11

Phase 11 Rahbar and Halloki gardens have seen stable prices but the volume of transactions is increasing. The reason for this is the easy approach which was missing previously. The file prices have seen a bit of a dip in prices but then again they are variable. Commercial files have dipped in the month of February, 2018. I believe this trend will continue until DHA formally announces the ballot. Price trend is stability.

The ballot of Phase 2 extension files has been delayed however, DHA is ready to conduct a ballot. I believe this is due to some red-tapism issues they might be facing. I highly doubt there could be a few land issues which is normally the case for such a delay. However, keep your fingers crossed I’m very hopeful this can happen anytime this year.

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what is the outlook of 9 Prism?

Umer Shehzad

Prism will start accelerating after the development charges are complete. But I in my humble opinion also believe that when you will compare alternative options in Phase 7, Phase 8 S block etc. people might start opting for such alternatives. Prism is one big Phase in which trading might not stop for a while. It’s always advisable to liquidate an option once you are getting a hefty profit.


you guys are doing good, now other people have started to copy your wordings.


Thank you for pointing that out.

Umer Shehzad

Can you please point a few websites which might be doing so?


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