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Sangar Housing Scheme

Sangar housing scheme is the premium residential scheme of Gwadar, it is located on the top of Koh-e-Batil (Hammerhead) . It is a beautiful housing society because it is surrounded by the sea from all 4 sides and offers you mesmerizing views. It was announced in late 90’s for the locals of Gwadar but after the project of CPEC the entire area was reclaimed and some part of it was handed over to Pakistan Navy and the remaining area is reserved for the Sangar housing scheme.

Koh-e-Batil is a natural mixed hill made of sand and rocks and spans a total of 13 Kms. Presently it houses following:

  1. Pakistan Navy installations.
  2. PC Gwadar
  3. Sangar Housing Scheme

Koh-e-Batil with Sanghar housing society and Pakistan Navy installations.
Main 132 Feet road of Sanghar housing society alongside Phase 1.

Sangar Housing Scheme

Sangar housing scheme consists of 5 Phases namely :

  1. Phase I
  2. Phase II and Phase II ext
  3. Phase III
  4. Phase IV
  5. Phase V

Presently only Phase I to IV are announced and maps exist for these phases. The plots are referred to as files and are balloted plots with numbers , so do not confuse them with files as in DHA lahore etc. Sangar housing scheme consists of following categories of plots :

  1. Residential Plots
    1. 1000 Yards (Majority of plots in Sangar are 1000 yards )
    2. 600 Yards
    3. 400 Yards ( Very few plots are available and even fewer for sale)
  2. Commercial Plots starting from 100 yards sector shops to 5 Acres .


The main road of Sangar housing society is a 132 feet road going all along its length on the sea side. The main avenues which connect the main road with the other side, run through all phases and blocks are 66 feet roads and the inner streets are 33 feet.

The main ring road is complete , however the avenue roads are just partially build .

A lot of development is required in infrastructure and the society is loaded with a huge development budget, we have confirmed news that Sangar housing society are seriously considering to start the development very soon.

Bye Laws

The bye laws are very strict in Sangar and are followed strictly. Commercials in phase IV which come under H&R ( Hotel and Resort) category can only be Ground plus 1 and height for other commercials is also limited to 3 or 4 floors.


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