Jinnah Avenue Commercial

Jinnah Avenue Commercial

Jinnah Avenue commercial is located on both sides of the Jinnah Avenue starting from New Town Gwadar to coastal highway . Jinnah Avenue is a 300 Ft main boulevard of Gwadar and will serve as the artery after development of Gwadar as all the avenues of residential area converge on it.  Presently Jinnah Avenue commercial can be divided in two parts as under:

  1. New Town to Old Airport
  2. Old Airport to Coastal Highway

The area of Jinnah Avenue inside New Town is still residential and not high rise officially, however it is expected to be converted into commercial  high rise in future . However the area ahead of New Town is high rise commercial as per GDA Plans.

Jinnah Avenue is not yet constructed fully and only two service roads of 20 ft each on each its side is constructed by GDA. In time when the airport shifts to the new location the entire Jinnah Avenue will be running through center of Gwadar without any interruptions.

Future Prospect

Future prospect of Jinnah Avenue Commercial is vert bright. It is the center of Gwadar and we can expect it to be a very lucrative area for high rise commercials, multinationals offices, hotels, shopping malls and other retail activity.


  1. New Town to Old Airport : 450 to 600 Lacs per Acre
  2. Old Airport to Coastal Highway : 70 to 250 Lacs per Acre