Open Land Gwadar

Open Land Gwadar

Open land is available on very low rates in various areas of Gwadar. It is considered as one of the best investments as it allows you to buy huge chunks of land at very minimal costs. Land inside the master plan is a bit more expensive than the land outside outside master plan. Buying open land in Gwadar requires an in-depth knowledge , farsightedness and experience. It is certainly a long term investment but it has potentials of huge upside.

open land


The size varies from 1 Acre to 1000 Acres and above


Prices vary from 1.5 lacs per acre and upto 50 lacs per acre in case you buy it close to the existing city.


Investors are buying open land to trade or launch societies in future . In times to come open land will be one of the biggest gainers in terms of investments.