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Broadway Commercial Phase 8 DHA Lahore Investment

Posted by Capt Shahnawaz on April 28, 2016

Broadway Commercial Phase 8 DHA Lahore

Commercial investment are high yielding low risk investments and have to be very calculated. DHA Lahore provides a variety of commercial investment opportunities. We are going to discuss the most lucrative commercial investment opportunity available today. DHA Phase 8 commercial, which include CCA 1, CCA 2, Z block, Air Avenue commercials, Park View commercials and Broadway commercial.This article will focus only on Broadway Commercial Phase 8.

Broadway Commercial Phase 8

Broadway Commercial Phase 8 C Block


Broadway Commercial Phase 8 has proven to be very lucrative for medium and long term investors. It showed investment gains at an astonishing 60% irate in the year 2015. Broadway commercial Phase 8 has grown at an astonishing speed. This commercial giant will continue to give phenomenal gains to its investors in years ahead of us.



Misconceptions About Broadway Commercial Phase 8

There are a few misconceptions that need to be cleared up before further discussions.


The bigger the better? . Not always in the eyes of some, who wrongly assume that Broadway Commercial Phase 8 in DHA Lahore will decline in the longer run. This is a however a huge misconception. The previous markets of Phase 3 DHA Lahore were established because of its size and availability of commercial plots. Those include Y and Z block market as well as the smaller H, G and F block markets. These markets were established because there were more commercial plots compared to the rest of commercial areas in DHA Lahore. The grounds for a commercial market are laid by the number of commercial plots in an area. This in turn means that more and more companies, brands, restaurants can open up in a business vicinity. The huge size of Broadway caters this phenomenon. It is by far the largest commercial area in DHA. Different brands, investors and companies are already in a buying frenzy at Broadway Commercial Phase 8 in order to open up and build their offices in the future.

Low Yield

Some believe that Broadway Commercial Phase 8 may not have high yield. However people continue to invest in Broadway because this theory has been proven wrong in the past. Last year alone commercial plots have yielded up to 60% returns. In the preceding years people have gained up to 300% returns and almost trebling their investment. This leads us to another paradoxical state i.e. will we get such phenomenal returns if we invest right now?. The answer is a big ‘YES’ The rates of Broadway have to be compared to the mature commercial properties of DHA Phase 3 . The price difference between both is at least 50% . Therefore in times to come we can expect that the price of Broadway commercial would match and than exceed prices in DHA phase 3 Y and Z block . This phenomenon will occur because of modern development, the provision of two extra floors compared and existing populous surrounding this commercial giant.


The third misconception people have is about the distance from the existing populous. People in general perceive it to be very far. This is a fallacy because Phase 8 Broadway is hardly 2.5 Km from Bhatta Chowk Phase 1. When you look at the satellite view you will notice that it falls in the middle of the existing populous and the proximity from the main areas is astounding. Immediate surrounding areas of DHA Phase 8 Broadway are seemingly empty, this is due to the non-possession of DHA Phase 8 S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z blocks (generally referred to as proper Phase 8). Moving on, there is a huge populous that Broadway Phase 8 can cater to namely Ex-Air Avenue, Ex-Park View, Eden City, Divine Gardens, Phase 6, Phase 7 and all other societies situated on the Airport Road. The inclusion of Phase 6 and 7 might come as a surprise to some of the readers, but it’s true and the reason behind it that CCA markets in these existing Phases are smaller, segregated and farther apart from one another which means that it cannot be a central shopping area anytime in the future. This phenomenon is in existence again due to the large size of the commercial area. This would mean that in times to come it would reflect other big markets of Lahore such as Liberty, Fortress Stadium etc.

Time Required for Maturity

Another confusion people might have is the time it may take to establish such a huge market. Some people in general perceive the time to be 15-20 years which again is wrong. After seeing the latest developments in Phase 8 we can expect the possession to take place in the year 2016 or max by 2017. In another 5-8 years when the actual populous will be nearing maturity. This in turn would mean that our investment on Broadway would have at least quadrupled (four times). A sudden jump in prices will take place near the possession of the residential plots of Phase 8.

Price Vis-a Viz Rents

Some people compare the rental value of the commodity while evaluating the worth of the commercial plot/building. This comparison is valid only for mature properties. It is not applicable for immature or near mature properties. Although . A mature property doesn’t appreciate as much as Broadway has and has a potential yield of 10-20% per annum including its rental. However Broadway Commercial Phase 8 has the potential to give a yield of 60% thus yielding a much bigger ROI (return on investment) compared to any other commercial area in DHA Lahore.

Buying in Broadway Commercial Phase 8 is Recommended :

It is highly recommended that one invests in an 8 Marla plot if the budget allows otherwise go for a 4 Marla plot. Both plots alike would give you phenomenal returns but one shouldn’t compromise on the location of the plot(s). Always go for a well situated plot with easy accessibility from the main approach. Such high investments might be a source of concern for some but there is little or no risk as far as the macro and micro economic factors are concerned. The sooner you make a decision the better off you will be as we perceive it to be one of the best commercial investment opportunities.


For Plots available for purchase Visit DHA Phase 8 Commercial Broadway

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