Phase 6 MB Commercial

DHA Lahore Phase 6 MB Commercial

DHA Lahore Phase 6 MB Commercial

There are five major categories with regards to DHA Lahore Phase 6 MB Commercial , main CCA which is now labeled as CCA 1, D block commercial cutting labeled as CCA 2, then there’s E block commercials which have not yet been named a good guess is CCA 3, there are commercials in A block of 4 Marla each behind the DHA office and lastly there’s the ever famous DHA Lahore Phase 6 MB Commercials including 4 and 8 marla commercials which start from Phase 6 next to the DHA office and go on ending near the Burki junction. We will go through each one step by step starting from the MB (main boulevard) commercials.

Main Boulevard (MB) commercial

DHA Lahore Phase 6 MB Commercial are situated next to the DHA office starting from number 1 and end at 473. Corners situated from 1 to 185 are normally of 16 marlas each whilst the rest are 4 Marla and onward of plot number 359 eight Marla plots are situated. The rates of the plots vary as per the distance from the DHA Main complex, size and location (facing MB Phase 6 or Back facing residential plots). The price ranges from anywhere between Rs 85,000,000 to a low of Rs 42,500,000 for the 4 marla and 8 marla plots whilst the 16 Marla are not available at the moment for sale (resale). These prices skyrocketed in January, 2015 to Rs 10 crores when DHA Complex was shifting to Phase 6 from Phase 3 Y block, DHA, Lahore Cantt.

After the start of operation of DHA Complex in Phase 6 the artificial bubble which was created burst and the prices in DHA Lahore Phase 6 Commercial MB started declining and went down to Rs 7-7.5 crores. Now the prices are at the bottom and market correction is underway to take place as the number of transactions increase at the lower rates.

The 4 Marla plots in DHA Lahore Phase 6 MB Commercial prices are on a low and 8 marla prices in DHA Lahore Phase 6 Commercial MB are increasing as it makes more sense to get more space at a farther location compared to a nearer location with the size of only 4 Marla. Another MB cutting was launched in 2015 which constitutes of 4 and 8 marla plot around the graveyard which was decreased to make space for the new MB market. These prices are quite reasonable as of now and are expected to increase exponentially as saturation takes place. These constitute of 185/1,2,3 and so on. The files were launched at a very reasonable rate of 375 lacs each for a 4 Marla MB file and 8 Marla wasn’t available as the investors held on to it because balloting was expected in the very near future at the time. After the ballot the plot prices increased even the worst of the plots are at a price of Rs 42.5 million rupees.

The 4 Marla prices at the front range from Rs 82.5 million to Rs 72.5 million and a sudden decrease takes place after the Phase 8 junction heading towards Broadway. The price decrease is such that the prices are Rs 7.5 million lesser as the price starts from Rs 65 million and goes down to Rs 55 million. The prices facing residential show the same effect ranging from Rs 60 million in the start and ending at Rs 47 million at the Phase 8 junction. From there onward the prices vary from Rs 45 million to a low of Rs 42.5 million.

Coming to the bigger commodity of 8 Marla they are situated after the Phase 8 junction and are the farthest from the main DHA Complex after the new MB cutting. These 8 Marla plots start from Rs 80 million and end at a low of Rs 62.5 million at the front whereas, the plots at the back start from Rs 60 million and end at Rs 53.5 million. These plots are considered better in size but they compromise on the location. They are at the farthest end nearing the Barki Road junction. These plots have a very bright future which most people overlook in today’s market which is the development of Z block and populous in the future in Phase 7 P,Q and N block as well as Phase 8 T and S block. The sizes are 30 x 60’ (feet) of each plot with ample parking throughout MB Phase 6.

There are three connotations to the DHA Lahore Phase 6 MB Commercial investment in general.

  1. For a running business in today’s market it’s advisable to go for a 4 Marla plot before the Phase 8 Junction. This would cater all your walk-ins from the DHA complex and people traveling down the busy road. Front of back are dependent upon your investment pocket. These plots rates will always stay higher and increase accordingly with the saturation of the market and number of transactions. The rental return is the highest compared to the rest DHA Lahore commercials at 0.6-7% per month. If you are looking for a rental commodity nothing beats MB Phase 6.
  2. The second opportunity lies in the new MB market which is sort of a CCA on the Main Boulevard of Phase 6. This shows a promise as the investment is on the lower side and is expected to increase with a steep gradient as number of transactions increase. This is highly advisable as a 8 marla plot would roughly cost around Rs 62.5 million at the back. Possession is however, pending for this project but is expected soon which means another jump for this commodity.

3. The third and most important are the bigger 8 Marla commercials and it is advised to go for an 8 Marla at the front compared to the back. It would give a bigger impression and as it is under priced market correction is expected soon, which would mean a good ROI (return on investment). These big commercial plots would cater Ph 7 P, Q, N block and Ph 8 T and S block. It is highly advisable to go for this investment opportunity which lies today. This investment is advisable in both cases i.e. if you want to make your own restaurant, outlet, bank etc. or for purely investment purposes. In the future it is expected to yield high end rental income as well currently it won’t yield as high returns but it would be a solid investment asset which would prove very fruitful in the near future.

Recommended Investment

We strongly recommend buying the bigger 8 Marla plot in DHA Lahore Phase 6 MB Commercial for long term investments. We believe that in times to come these commercials will have higher ROI as compared to 4 Marla DHA Lahore Phase 6 Commercial Mb.



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