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Penta Square DHA Lahore Phase 5

Posted by Capt Shahnawaz on April 28, 2016

Penta Square DHA Lahore Phase 5 (Pentasquare)

Penta Square DHA Lahore is the latest Venture of high end luxury apartments by DHA. It is situated in one of the best phases of DHA and sits right next to CCA Phase 5. Ever since the plans about Penta Square were announced, it captured a lot of public interest. DHA has announced that it will complete the entire project with in 2 years.

Launching of Penta Square DHA Lahore

On the morning of 31st Dec 2015 , Penta Square was officially launched and 77 apartments of various sizes were allotted to people on first come first serve basis at a rate of 13900/sqft on installments. Every applicant paid a hundred thousand pay order in favor of “Penta Square DHA Lahore” and were supposed to pay the first installment of 15% maximum by 31st Jan 2016. The remaining installments are to be paid in 10 equal quarterly installments.

You can see the List of Apartments and Rates allotted on 31st Dec as under.


Penta Square DHA Lahore Apartment RatesPenta Square DHA Lahore Rates

Premium on Allotted Apartments

With 31 Days between the allotment and first installment it was seen as a good opportunity to sell these apartments at a premium. The premium varied from 0.5 Million to 3 Million depending upon the size and location. The most premium was seen on the single bed apartments , followed by 2 bed and 3 bed apartments. However nothing was fixed and the apartments were sold at varying prices with some being sold at a very high premium where as others were sold at a reasonable rate.

Transfer and First Installment

As per DHA Lahore Policy the first installment of 15% was to be paid by the person to whom the apartment was allocated. After that he will receive an allotment letter in his name and than he can sell/transfer it to a new buyer.

Presently 15% installments of all the launched apartments have been paid to Penta Square DHA Lahore. Investors are now waiting for opening of transfers after the receiving of initial allotment letters. As per our reports the allotment letters will be issued by DHA during the month of Feb 2016.

We believe that after the transfers are complete, we will see a second round of sales and premium on these apartments.

Penta Square DHA Lahore Layout

Penta Square DHA Lahore is one of a kind high end luxury apartment complex in Lahore. It is completely different from any other apartment buildings being launched in the past including Mall of Lahore and any other residential apartment projects in Lahore or even with in DHA. This makes Penta Square DHA Lahore a very unique and inviting project initiative by DHA Lahore.

Total area of Penta Square apartments buildings will be about 79 Kanals. Covered areas will be about 29 % and it will constitute of 71 % Green or open areas. So these apartments wont be too crowded. There will be 16 professionals offices inside buildings with total covered areas about 434113 Square feet. Penta Square apartments building will have 35 shops with total covered area for all shops will be about 417775 sqft.

Penta Square DHA Lahore is not an apartment building but an apartment building complex . It includes 6 Apartment Blocks namely :

Block A (A 16 story apartment Building)

Block B

Block C & D ( Facing J Block Park)

Block E & F ( Facing Green Area)

[metaslider id=2563]


You can look at maps of apartments here

DHA Penta Square DHA Lahore Main Features include:

  • DHA Owned Project
  • High End Luxurious 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments
  • DHA Owned Project Shopping Mall Offices
  • Centrally Located in CCA Phase-V DHA
  • 71% Green Area
  • Outdoor Sports Arena
  • Accommodation for Servants
  • Hyper Market & Food Court
  • Swimming Pool & Gym/Spa
  • Aerial Perspective
  • 24/7 Electricity Backup
  • Solar Power Generation
  • 24/7 Medical Facility
  • Integrated Building Management System
  • Parking Management System
  • Security Control Center
  • 24/7 CCTV Surveillance


We will soon discuss the investment significance of DHA Penta Square

Contributed by

Capt (Retd) Shahnawaz Yaqub Bhatti


Mob: 0333-1717170



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