Airport Road Commercial

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Airport Road

Jinnah Avenue commercial is located on both sides of the Jinnah Avenue starting from New Town Gwadar to coastal highway . Jinnah Avenue is a 300 Ft main boulevard of Gwadar and will serve as the artery after development of Gwadar as all the avenues of residential area converge on it.  Presently Jinnah Avenue commercial can be divided in two parts as under:

  1. New Town to Old Airport
  2. Old Airport to Coastal Highway


Plots of 1000 yards to 2 or 4 Acres are available for sale.


Prices increase as we come closer to the city.

1000 Yards commercial vary between 125 Lacs to 200 Lacs but availability is very rare.

1 Acre plot varies between 450 Lacs to 750 Lacs on availability.


This road has a lot of potential for commercial activity as we do not see the new airport to develop any time soon. In addition this road may also link to the new airport so it will not lose its stature.

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