Phase 9 Prism Investment Bubble

Phase 9 Prism Investment Bubble

Phase 9 Prism Investment Bubble

Ever since 9 Prism balloting in May 2015 , the prices have soured high. Riding on a high horse , the real estate agents and investors of DHA Lahore have played a major role in this high stake race. This however is a normal market dynamic and is a much expected one. The real question right now is how much further this will last or is it time for a correction ?. It is almost one year now that Phase 9 Prism Investment havent seen a correction. Let us have a look at the average prices of residential and commercial plots.

Residential Plot Prices for Phase 9 Prism Investment

1 Kanal plot prices vary from 60 to 140 Lacs with only one installments paid. That means the plot will roughly cost you approx 1740000 in addition to the price you are paying today.

10 Marla Plot prices vary from 45 to 60 Lacs with only one installment paid. Additional 1200000 has to be paid in lieu of development charges.

5 Marla Plot prices vary from 26 to 40 Lacs with only one installment paid. Additional 800000 lacs has to be paid in lieu of development charges.

Commercial Plot Prices for Phase 9 Prism Investment

8 Marla plot prices vary from 400 to 600 lacs with just one installment paid out of a total of 37.50 Lacs yet to be paid to DHA in lieu of development charges.

4 Marla Plot prices vary from 250 to 400 Lacs with just one installment paid out of a total of 19.50 Lacs yet to be paid to DHA in lieu of development charges.

Phase 9 prism is OVER PRICED

Oh yeah that is right Phase 9 prism is most definitely over priced at the moment , specially the premiere blocks such as A , B , C . Because just opposite only 3 Kms away on the other side of Bedian road in Phase 7 you can get a possession plot in much less.

Well some of my esteemed colleagues argue that it is a very well planned phase with so many as 50 parks , Golf courses , huge commercial areas. They forget to tell you that there is no guarantee that DHA will give possession of 9 Prism with in 5 years . Looking at the past record that phase 7 is not yet fully completed and DHA phase 8 proper is still under development and expected possession in 2017. Not to mention that Phase 9 Prism is the biggest phase of DHA till todate.

Now do not get me wrong i am not at all against investment in DHA Phase 9 prism , i am just against the artificial investment bubble in phase 9 prism which is going to put a lot of you at a huge risk to the downside.

Trending right now

We have to appreciate Phase 9 prism to be trending upwards with out any major dips so far but it does not mean that the trend will continue. It may or it may not and even if it does there will be very slow growth from here on , the prices have already reached there max and any more high will just fill more air in the balloon investment of Phase 9 prism and thus more chances of it getting punctured.

Expected Correction in Phase 9 Prism Investment

Although it is hard to predict the top or bottom of any market , i believe that phase 9 prism investment is now a high risk , low rewarding investment. While some low priced blocks such as k , j, l are still inside the safe zone , some of the others are trending really beyond there natural values and at least 2 to 3 Million more than there assessments.

Same is applicable for commercial plots who are peaking right now and may suffer the same fate. They are already 6 to 10 Million more than there assessed values . If there is a correction you will see them falling back down to there natural assessment safely 6 to 10 million below the present prices and in some cases a bit more.


I strongly recommend to be careful with  phase 9 prism investment and play safe. Real estate is a game of patience and you should wait . In real estate industry there are many other factors playing an invisible role. Any negative Micro and Macro economic factors at national or international level may effect phase 9 prism investment very negatively. Where as the developed phases can with stand economic depressions , non developed real estate such as phase 9 prism are the biggest victims of such a market move.

So unless you have deep pockets as not to worry about negative market trends and a long term player . Phase 9 prism will pay you in 5 years from now . However if you want to play safe and enter phase 9 prism at a stage where it is safer in a couple of years time , it is time for you to make a safe exit and look at the alternatives in DHA where you can safely invest before you make your move back in phase 9 prism investment in a couple of years.

If you are holding more than one plot we will suggest you to liquidate some and minimize your risk while keep holding the rest of your investment in phase 9 prism.


Some recommended alternatives to Phase 9 prism investment are as under:

  1. DHA Phase 8 Air Avenue where you can get a 1 kanal developed plot in only 140 to 150 lacs all dues cleared.
  2. DHA phase 7 .
  3. Air Avenue commercials.
  4. Broadway Commercials.
  5. CCA 2 DHA phase 6 .
  6. Commercial DHA 9 Town.
  7. DHA 9 town.
  8. DHA Gujranwala File.
  9. DHA Multan File.

Feel free to contact me if you need any further advise while planning your next big move.

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Investment consultant and CEO


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