Phase 8 Commercial

Phase 8 Commercial Investments and Horizons Explained

Phase 8 Commercial Investments and Horizons

This article will highlight the phase 8 commercial areas other than Broadway Phase 8. Broadway has previously been explained in the article here as well as here. It is intended to explain the variations among different commercials as well as help in making an informed decision whilst investing. There are five major categories of commercials in Phase 8 out of which four will be explained one by one in this article.

  1. CCA 1
  2. CCA 2
  3. Z block (IVY GREEN)
  4. 2 marla sector shops
  5. Broadway Commercials
  1. CCA 1:

CCA 1 or Central Commercial Area 1 is situated in the T block of Phase 8 and extends to the 100’ road dividing T and U block respectively. This commercial area includes plots of 4 marla, 8 marla, 16 marla and 32 marla respectively. It is one of the two non-developed areas in DHA where the town planning incorporates a proper 32 marla and 16 marla cutting. This commercial area comprises of 216 commercial plots.

This block constitutes of a parking area of 19.7 kanals for shoppers, employees etc. DHA has also reserved an area for a school of 30 Kanals and a college of 44.7 Kanals. Also to the side is situated a reserved area for a 80.5 Kanals for a community club. Right next to this club is the biggest park of Phase 8 constituting a vast 148 Kanals. An area of 26.3 Kanals is reserved for a Cineplex. This CCA is surrounded by three 100’ road and one 120’ road.

From an investment point of view the most lucrative opportunity is in the bigger plots of 16 and 32 marla as there are no available options in DHA, these plots will fetch very good returns on investments (profits) in the future. CCA 1 is considered reasonably priced compared to CCA 2 this gap between the prices of both the CCAs is bound to be minimal in the future thus increasing the percentage profit on your investment(s).

After Broadway CCAs of Phase 8 Commercial will cater to the local community for their everyday needs. This CCA will primarily cater to the residents of T and U block.

2.  CCA 2

CCA 2 or Central Commercial Area 2 is situated in the W block of Phase 8 and surrounded by X and V block respectively. This commercial area just like CCA 1 comprises of 4 marla, 8 marla, 16 marla and 32 marla plots respectively. This CCA comprises of 245 commercial plots respectively.

The parking area of this commercial area is 20.5 kanals with the reserved area for college of exactly 44.7 Kanals and for school of 30 Kanals same as CCA 1.  The addition in this CCA is of a park of 20.5 Kanals and a mosque of 19.25 Kanals. This CCA also has to its side a site for a Joint Venture (JV) of 107 Kanals. The roads surrounding this commercial area are also quite wide with one road of 120’ and other of 100’ each.

From an investment point of view smaller plots are recommended in this CCA Phase 8 as the prices of the bigger 16 marla and 32 marla plots are higher as far as the location is concerned in contrast to the same size plots available in CCA 1. Undoubtedly CCA 2 commercials will appreciate accordingly and will be always priced higher than CCA 1 plots but the smaller plots are more likely to yield better profit percentages compared to the bigger plots. An 8 marla plot will be most likely to give the maximum return on investment due to the limited number of plots on a good location. 4 marla plots would also prove fruitful but the return on investment will be lesser as they are surrounded by 8 marla plots which are on a prime location.

3. Z block commercials

Z block of Phase 8 also known as Ivy Green has in it two main commercial areas Z2 commercials and Z6 commercials. Z2 commercial comprises of 246 plots whereas Z6 comprises of 105 plots making a total of 351 plots. Z2 is situated in and around a 150’ road known as Avenue 2 and the plots here are the more expensive ones. These commercial plots are of 4 marla and 8 marla respectively. Z2 is the bigger of the two commercial areas and has a 12.7 Kanal mosque, two Joint Venture sites of 12.75 Kanals each, 3 parking areas available for almost 400 cars. It also bears in the middle a commercial and civic center along with a park of 24.01 Kanals.

Z6 in Phase 8 Commercial doesn’t have that big a space for car parking space other than the ones facing the commercial plots of 30’ by 30’. Z6 includes a JV area of 17.5 Kanals near the main approach of Z block known as Avenue 1. These plots are cheaper because they are not surrounded by the general populous.

From an investment point of view if your budget allows you to invest an additional Rs 4 million on the price of a standard Z6 commercial plot it is advisable to go for an 8 marla or 4 marla plot in Z2, it is bound to go up as it is underpriced compared to the rest of the Phase 8 commercial area rates inclusive of Broadway Phase 8.

4. Sector Shops

These are your standard 2 marla sector shops which are situated in every block. These plots have variable prices depending on the block in which it’s located. These will increase but might not prove profitable from an investment point of view but would be lucrative from a rental perspective.

It is advised only to buy these if one is interested in a cheap rental commodity.


                It is strongly advised if one is looking to invest in Phase 8 Commercial to go for a bigger sized plot in CCA 1, smaller sized plots of 4 and 8 marla in CCA 2, 4 marla or 8 marla plot in Z2 if the budget is on the lower side and small investment in sector shops if the orientation is towards a rental commodity. Phase 8 Commercial property would prove to be very fruitful in the immediate, medium and the longer term future. The main reason for this is the central location of Phase 8, these markets especially CCA 1 and CCA 2 will flourish in the future. Z block being a mixed community of 5 marla, 10 marla, 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal residents will benefit from the commercial markets built in the future and will remain reasonably priced.

Article contributed by:

Umer Shehzad

Investment consultant at Imlaak

MBA Finance (Cardiff University, UK)

Mr. Umer Shehzad has been providing consultancy for over five years now after his return to Pakistan in 2011. Along with his personal investments in various sectors of DHA Lahore, he is also part of a team responsible for providing high returns to their clients. With hundreds of satisfied customers he has a knack for the real estate business, and does not only provide consultancy but is also willing to take the necessary risk where required. With his office situated in Phase 8 Broadway, he has a sound understanding of how this market moves as he is present on ground. He is an expert in providing consultancy especially with regards to commercial and residential plots in DHA.

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