price trend dha lahore january 2018

Price Trend DHA Lahore January, 2018

Price Trend DHA Lahore January 2018

Price Trend DHA Lahore January 2018 will focus on the price fluctuations in the past month. This article will focus on the uptrends as well as downtrends to give an idea where each Phase is heading giving in general the idea of the market. Plots as well as files will be discussed in this article.

Phase 5

Phase 5 files have been balloted and prices remained low for plots which have been balloted. Plot prices remained stable except for M extension which has seen a rise in Prices. The overall trade volume remains low. Commercial plots have seen a rise in prices for CCA. Price trend in general has been stable.

Phase 6

Phase 6 plot price trend has seen a slight rise from the dip phase 6 was suffering. Trade has been substantial. Commercial plots have seen a significant rise in prices. Phase 6 especially MB plots have been the center of attention for most purchasers.

CCA 2 has also witnessed trade along with an increase in prices due to the increase in demand.

Phase 6 E-Extension has seen a slight increase in prices due to increase in demand.

Phase 7

Phase 7 has noticed a slight recovery but only in certain blocks especially S, T, and U. Other blocks remain stagnant and only plots with below par prices are being traded. Commercials remain stagnant with little or no buyer at all in January. 5 marla and 10 marla plots have little or no trade. Price trend remains slightly negative.

Phase 8

Phase 8 is on the rise again. January has seen an increase in prices of around 10-15 lacs in W block, T block has also seen trade whereas U and V are with little or no trade. X block has seen very few buyers due to lack of possession. Y block still attracts people with low budgets. S block has seen next to nothing trade volume.

Commercial plots in Phase 8 have seen some trades especially Broadway and CCA 1. CCA 2 however, because of the price differential between CCA 1 and CCA 2 has witnessed very few inquiries let alone trades.

Ex-Park View has seen some trade in residential plots especially 1 and 2 Kanal. 4 marla files are still being traded of Shivpur and Malikpur mauza.

Ex-Air Avenue has witnessed almost zero trade volume in January for residential as well as commercial plots.

Ivy Green has seen some trading but in smaller 5 marla category. Commercials are stagnant as of now. Development is fast paced but prices remain stable. Commercial prices are still on the decline in Phase 8 Z block IVY Green.

Overall price trend is on the rise.

Phase 9

Phase 9 is evergreen in terms of trade as it has some while to go before possession. People with lower budgets continue to invest in Prism with the forecast of increase in prices in the future. The trade has been significant on comparative basis but prices remain stable. Only 5 marla prices have witnessed a slight increase. Commercial plots have been stagnant. Price trend is stagnant.

Phase 9 Town

Phase 9 town has been stagnant after the price hike of December. Trading is still strong because people want to build budget houses in DHA and this is the lowest priced commodity with a reasonable location in all of DHA. Commercial plots are still on the downside with little or no chances of improvement. We are hoping commercial prices might pick up once development in E block starts. Price trend is stagnant.

Phase 10

Phase 10 has seen an increase in the prices of files. This uptrend might continue until bulk affidavits flood the market once more. Phase 10 will continue to fluctuate for a long time. It’s a short term buy and sell option. Buy at low sell at high and trade with this concept might make you 3-4 lacs every now and then. Price trend is upward.


Umer Shehzad


Managing Partner Imlaak

MBA Finance (Cardiff, UK)

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No discussion about DHA Phase XI Halloki gardens , it’s future prospects and investment potential … Kindly share your analysis on it as well .

thanks a ton .

warm regards ,

Riaz Toor
Riaz Toor

Concise and Well written brief


Suggestion: Please plot some price graphs to see clear trends of last 2-3 years.

Capt Shahnawaz
Hassan Cheema
Hassan Cheema

No prices discussed? Research seems incomplete