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Goldcrest Mall & Residency DHA Lahore

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Goldcrest Mall & Residency DHA Lahore

A much needed multi-dwelling Goldcrest Mall & Residency in DHA Lahore, is about to reach to its last floor.

With a construction height of 210ft on 124,000sq.ft area(27.55kanal), Goldcrest Mall & residency will become as an icon of DHA, Lahore, but why?

This already well developed zone of DHA would become the centre point of attraction after Y and Z block commercial of DHA Phase 3,Lahore.

The total build-up area for this massive multi-dwelling is 1,277,079sq.ft, which will allow, shopping mall, grocery super store, play area, residency and much more facilities.

The total numbers of floors in Goldcrest Mall & Residency are 18, with 4 basements, 1 ground floor and 14 floors of construction above.
The ground floor and the first three floors will be used for commercial use, the fourth floor as the maintenance floor and the rest of 10 floors for luxury serviced apartments.

It is the location which defines whether project will be successful in the near future. So, let me first explain it for the reader.
The main access to Goldcrest Mall & Residency is the Ghazi road via Airport road and Ferozepur road.

The traffic would be generated from both ends as the visitors coming via Walton have an easy approach through Phase 3 DHA.

Goldcrest mall & residency
Goldcrest mall & residency

Goldcrest Mall & Residency, what is its significance?

As of today there is no such mall present in DHA, Lahore. This gives it an edge.
DHA being the posh area of Lahore which caters a large amount of middle and upper class population is finally having a multi-dwelling to cater the needs of people.

The residents of DHA will be diverted towards this dwelling instead of travelling all the way to Gulberg.

Al Fatah, a well-known super store in Pakistan has already bought 10kanal for its operating space and is launching in September 2018.
Al Fatah which has been operating in Y block, Phase 3, DHA, from the past decade and has an immense demand in the locale.

Rumor has it that this Al Fatah would be shifting in Goldcrest mall & residency as the space in the Y block Al Fatah is less to cater its demand. For this reason it has booked 45000sqft of the area on ground floor.

This super store has a high demand because of the availability of international brands and quality products.
Apart from this super store, a well-known play land for the children has booked the 3rd floor of commercial for its use.

It is not just an old time Play area, which the children of Pakistan were deprived from so many decades. Instead this play area has modern simulators and rides for infants.
This would be managed by the famous Fun City. Which provides a decorated and themed atmosphere for the kids to enjoy.

A food court is planned in the dwelling as well, which will serve the purpose of fast food and other dinning purposes.
Goldcrest mall & residency is the first multi-dwelling in DHA Lahore. The nearest example of Goldcrest as we mentioned in our discussion video is The Mall of Lahore by Bahria Town in Lahore Cantt.

Mall of Lahore
Mall of Lahore

You can clearly observe the activity in that dwelling and for the people who did transaction for the apartments in Mall of Lahore, got it because of its location and brand name.
DHA caters a huge crowd belonging from the middle to upper class. Due to the commercial activity and traffic flow, the main road of phase 3 DHA was a need to be widened and DHA did it over night.

I must mention, I have never seen this much speedy road construction and traffic management in Lahore. This is one of the reasons when it comes to management and construction by DHA, as DHA has equipped itself of the modern construction machinery and discipline.

Goldcrest mall & residency has a modern architecture which will have a magnificent view. This dwelling has an enormous terrace, which will provide a fabulous view of the area. The same area can be used for social gatherings, events or dining purposes.

Goldcrest was made with a 8.5 magnitude earth quake resistance making it one of the largest earthquake resistance buildings of Pakistan.
Lobbies in buildings are the first impression, so Goldcrest has magnificently designed the grand lobby for your guests to have a wonderful time.

This lobby would be decorated with indoor plants, marble floors, modern interior designing which would speak loud of its presence in DHA, Lahore.
It can get quite hot in summers of Lahore, to make the your summers wonderful Goldcrest is being installed with the new modern technology climate control system.

This climate control system would automatically adjust the desired temperature to make you feel energetic throughout the day.
The more I write the less it becomes. Talking about security, the developer is providing a high tech fool proof security, cctv cameras, walled construction and highly trained security officials.

Residents will be given wireless control of their apartments, so they can operate it while they are away.
Alright so much of all the luxuries and glittery things now the question is it worth investing. From an investor’s perspective, is it suitable to invest in this project and expect gains in short/long terms.


As I have already mentioned that GoldCrest Mall & Residency would be the first multi-dwelling in DHA Lahore.

A multi-dwelling is an income producing investment. This means that you are investing in it for rental gains, it is indeed a wonderful opportunity.
Talking about the rental gains, a 1215sqft cost at 15000rs/sqft, which makes the net amount of 1.82cr.

This 1.82cr is to paid by 16months installment plan after 30%down payment. You can get the benefit of paying 50% down payment, then the same apartment size will cost you 1.73cr, a discount of one million.

The investors who are investing in the project for rental returns already know the 7-8% is the rental return per anum  which makes is 13.50lacs.

Watch this interesting video where Capt (Retd) Shahnawaz CEO Imlaak proves that how buying an apartment today can make you rich:

What if I want to invest for selling it off at a good profit?

Then why not!

If you are doing your transaction at 15000rs/sqft the same rate will reach to 17000rs/sqft after 9 months. As you would be paying your 3rd installment and have already gained 3 million by then.

It is surely not a bad investment and its all about time. When you want to enter and when to want to take an exit.
If you say, lets wait for its success and then we will go for investing in it. Time would have already gone by then and you would be reminding of yourself of this piece of writing you just read.


Investment Consultant at Imlaak

Hassan Bhatti


Booking your apartment through will make you eligible for various value added services only offered exclusively by imlaak.

Call us at 0333-1616160

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