Monthly Plot Sale Report DHA Lahore for October, 2016

Monthly Plot Sale Report DHA Lahore for October, 2016

Phase 6 Plots and Houses

  • This is the monthly plot sale report DHA Lahore for October, 2016. Here at Imlaak we purchased a house for a client in F block. Price was reasonable for an A+ house. The advantage was that the seller demanded a reasonable profit from the purchaser’s point of view. All negotiations were thorough as the professional team handled it with utmost care and perfection so as to reach a suitable price for both the buyer and the seller. There are still purchases being made in Phase 6 houses as the populous continues to grow and demand for houses has been affected to a very little extent.
  • A plot was purchased at the market price as the prices in Phase 6 have not seen much of a slump compared to other phases of DHA. A premium plot was purchased in H block for a client who wanted to build a house. The investment orientation of Phase 6 encompasses in itself the increase in prices as per saturation of Phase 6 as it is the hub of end users who want to build their own homes. Purely increment in prices is not the connotation with Phase 6, it’s building a house for oneself or selling it at a profit. Phase 6 has seen little or no drop in prices and end users continue to make purchases. October has seen 21% transfers relevant to Phase 6.
  • Purchases

  1. Two houses purchased in Phase 6
  2. One plot purchased
  • Sales

  1. Sold one plot in G block


Phase 7 Plots and Houses

  • Sales have been the key focus of Phase 7 as Phase 7 DHA has been very volatile throughout. We have sold a plot in Y block, X block. We believe Phase 7 will be very slow in today’s market. 10 marla are stuck as there seems to be little or no trading in 10 marla plots as the purchase prices were very high during the month of Ramadan. It’s only advisable to purchase a plot if it’s a biyana which is stuck or someone who is confused and willing to sell at a low price. Phase 7 prices have dropped and I believe they will remain at the current prices with chances of going up in the future. Phase 7 has witnessed a very little in the month of October.
  • Purchases

  1. Purchased one 10 marla plot in Y block
  • Sales

  1. Sold a plot one in T block
  2. Sold another one in X block

Phase 8 Plots and Houses

  • Purchasing in Phase 8 is advisable as we have purchased two plots one was a corner in V block and another plot was purchased in T block and another one in Y block of 8 marlas. One was purchased from a guy whose biyana was stuck he required cash payment, the other was purchased from a client who had already bought a plot and needed payment in three weeks’ time. It’s highly recommended to purchase such plots in Phase 8 or buy a 5 or 10 marla in Y block. Any buying in Phase 8 at lower rates is recommended. People have invested moslty in Phase 8 residential plots as they are now quite cheap compared to the previous prices.
  • Commercial plots which are available at a lesser price are advisable to buy as Phase 8 is both speculative and an end user market. We have purchased a plot on main road of Broadway and continue to buy plots which are available at lesser prices. There has been reasonable buying in Phase 8 Broadway commercials with negligible buying and selling in other commercials of Phase 8 such as CCA 1 and CCA 2.
  • Z block or IVY green has seen a drop as well. It is only advised to buy a plot which is at a substantially lesser price in comparison to the current market as well. Overall there has been little or no trading in Z block in the month of October, 2016.
  • Purchases

  1. Bought a plot in Y block of 8 marlas
  2. Bought a commercial plot of 4 marlas in B block Broadway
  3. Bought a corner plot in V block
  4. Bought a standard plot in T block
  5. Bought another 1 kanal plot in T block
  6. Bought a plot of 5 marlas in Z block IVY green in Z4
  • Sales

  1. Sold a plot in Commercial broadway of 8 marlas in D block
  2. Sold a residential plot in Z block of 1 kanal
  3. Sold another plot in Y block of 5 marlas

Phase 9 Plots and Houses

  • Sell, sell, sell that’s the only advisable thing to do right now. We are trying to sell as many plots of Phase 9 Prism as it’s expected to go down further. Phase 9 has dropped as per our speculation and it is advisable to buy cheaper plots in Phase 9 only. Phase 9 has seen a reasonable trade after Phase 8 and Phase 6.
  • Phase 9 town has seen a drop in prices and it is advisable to buy for a one year tenure. Once the main entrance opens the prices will start to go up. Phase 9 town has seen very few transactions but we believe it is the right time to buy.
  • Purchases

  1. Purchased a plot of 5 marlas in R block
  2. Purchased a 10 marla plot in K block
  • Sales

  1. Sold a 1 kanal plot in K block
  2. Sold a 1 kanal plot in C block
  3. Sold a 1 kanal plot in G block
  4. Sold 1 kanal plot in L block next to corner

A summary can be seen below the average daily volume has been 25 transfers in the month of October. These are estimates based on current transfers in DHA, Lahore.
(Source of information has been direct gathering of information from various sources)



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