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DHA Rahbar (Phase XI)

Posted by Capt Shahnawaz on May 4, 2016


Situated on the Defence Road behind Valencia this society boasts low budget high yielding profits. With limited number of plots and files available in DHA Rahbar there is a tremendous upwards increase in the prices. This part of DHA is surrounded by different newly developed societies with plots available at lower prices than DHA Rahbar as well, but the name tag, security, contemporary infrastructure, transparency; is missing in all other options available in the surroundings. They have expanded the Defence Road due to which the rates have gone phenomenally up plus there’s the new bridge that has been built to ease the accessibility to the community. There are two major Phases in DHA Rahbar and a third extension of Phase 2:

  1. Phase 1
  2. Phase 2
  3. Phase 2 Extension

We will briefly discuss each Phase from an investment point of view along with the residential potential in each.

rahber location map

Phase 1

This is the first Phase which has been developed by DHA, with a small community occupying the premises. The commercial and the residential areas are well established. The wiring however, is above ground unlike the newly developed Phases of DHA from Phase 5 onwards. This is because the society was previously known as Rangers Society and later on was taken over by DHA and named DHA Rahbar. Phase XI previously consisted only of Halloki Gardens and the inclusion of DHA Rahbar was done in August, 2015.


This had a huge impact as the rates last year started going up and haven’t stopped since. This Phase includes 5 marla, 10 marla and 1 kanal plots along with 4 marla and 8 marla commercials. This Phase’s only drawback is the electrical wiring which is overheads, other than that it’s a beautiful community with a good infrastructure to live in. Builders have started construction as they potential for settlers in this community at a fast pace.


It is recommended that if you want to build a one kanal or a 10 marla house to go for a plot here, smaller plots are not recommended. Investing in commercial is recommended for rental purposes.

Phase 2

The newly developed Phase has it all over ground wiring, exemplary infrastructure with multiple parks. All these traits are reflected in the prices of the plots in Phase 2, residential plot prices have surpassed the residential prices of Phase 1. The prices of commercial plots however, remain low compared to Phase 1 because of non-possession but it’s pretty likely that they would go up as they haven’t risen by the amount that other files and plots have.

rahbar 2

This Phase is bigger as compared to Phase 1 as DHA has acquired more land in this Phase and the infrastructure is far better compared to Phase 1 as well. This Phase consists of primarily 5 marla plots. The location is nearer to Ferozpur Road as well with the extension coming right after the bridge.


It is recommended that you purchase a commercial plot for investment purposes which is due correction anytime soon. Residential plot of any size especially 5 marlas is recommended.

Phase 2 (Extension)

Phase 2 Extension doesn’t exist on ground. Files of this Phase of DHA Rahbar are being sold and the map will be announced on the ballot of these files which is expected later this year. Before the year end it is expected that DHA will ballot majority of the residential and commercial files. These files have more than doubled in the last 4 months and expected to rise until possession.

Rahbar 1

With a CCA being formed on the other side of the drain the developed land will have little or no drawback. The CCA will consist of 55 commercial plots and around 300 odd residential plots. Adjacent to Phase 2, this would be the premium locality in times to come as the location is near the new bridge.


It is highly recommended to buy files, residential or commercial in DHA Rahbar Phase 2 Extension as we believe that at the time near the ballot the prices will jump exponentially and once plot numbers are allocated to files each plot will have its own worth depending upon the location.

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Pervez A Minhas

Dear Umer Sb

Thanks for the info. But what I understand is that balloting already done in M and N CCA and the plots were being traded some time back and not the fike for these 2 blocks. Hope I am right ??


Khurshid Shah

sir what is file price of 5 marla residential plot in dha rahbar extention?


Are you talking about DHA Rahber Phase 2 Ext ? Its a file not a plot and the price is approx 31 Lacs.

Jazak Allah

Umer Shehzad

Dear Pervez,
M and N block fall in Phase 2 extension, there are also files available which are advisable. With the inauguration of the Ring road Southern loop, I believe it is a good investment in times to come. Especially for those people in that particular area of interest. The CCA is not just confined to Block N it would cater to the whole community, however, another CCA is planned which you will see in times to come. Hope that helps.
Kh. Umer Shehzad


Brother, Where does block M and N fall, Phase 2 or extension ?. The area CCA above block N is just CCA or is CCA of block N

humair kaleem

thank you brother for such a good article. just wanted to know what is CCA that you have mentioned in phase 2 extension. i have bought a residential plot file there. i dont have a house right now and living on rent. should i wait for that society to develop and then build my house there later on. would it be worth it after balloting?


Dear Kaleem,

CCA stands for central commercial area. DHA Rahber will be a good place to live however it will take some time before it is live-able. Presently we are waiting for balloting , after that development work will take 2 to 3 years at-least before you get possession and you can build house.

Jazak Allah


Dear shahnawaz yaqub,

I want to invest in DHA rahber Extension and want to purchase a 5 marla file , please suggest me how can i get genuine file because i listen that there are many fake file in the market , please share the complete procedure to avoid from a fraud..


Dear Sufyan,

kindly contact me on 03331717170 or send me your contact info at and we can arrange it for you.

Jazak Allah

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