September 2018 Pakistan Real Estate Analysis

September 2018 Pakistan Real Estate Analysis

MRA – September 2018 Pakistan Real Estate Analysis

Disclaimer :  MRA (Monthly Real Estate Analysis) – September 2018 Pakistan Real Estate Analysis is a general guideline and does not cover all aspects of the market. The real estate trends vary even within blocks of the same phase and for a layman it gets very complicated and confusing. You can however attend our real estate briefing and discussion sessions   held every Friday 7 to 8 Pm to answer your queries in person .

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Following societies are included in this month analysis.

  • DHA Multan
  • DHA Peshawar
  • DHA Gujranwala
  • DHA Bahawalpur
  • Sangar Gwadar

DHA Multan

DHA Multan has been trading at 45 lacs for past few months and has established itself as the base price and it doesn’t seem the prices will go down any further. Balloting rumors are in the air but nothing official announced by DHA Multan. On the positive note however DHA Multan has launched DHA Villas. The beautiful and unique 3 ,4 or 5 bedroom Villas of different size 6, 9 and 12 Marla will be tropical sanctuary to accommodate ultimate living experience. You can visit DHA Multan website for booking and further details etc .

This particular launch of DHA Villas in October 2018 raises doubts on the balloting of Multan DHA as in my opinion DHA Multan would not conduct balloting in December right after the launch of Villas in October and may wait for 6 months or more.

DHA Peshawar

DHA Peshawar a test case for success of DHA in smaller cities has yet to show some promise when it comes to prices. Although i am very optimistic that it will eventually give god returns but my short term perspective is changing quickly as the prices continue to suffer.

Peshawar DHA is a recommended investment for next 2 year at least as I believe that the plot price will gain 20 to 25% during this time.

DHA Gujranwala

The prices have shown no major upside or downside for some months now in DHA Gujranwala and it is expected to continue so in the next month as well. In the present situation I would prefer buying DHA Multan if your finances allow you to only purchase one file, however if you have funds for both investments than DHA Gujranwala is as promising and in my opinion even better than DHA Multan in long run.

DHA Bahawalpur

DHA Bahwalpur files crashed to 26 lacs only to bounce back up to 29 Lacs and now is trading at 28 Lacs. I am not a big fan of DHA Bahawalpur and i will wait for balloting announcement which will impact the prices positively. I do not recommend buying in DHA Bahawalpur as in my opinion it is better to have a 10 Marla in Gujranwala and Multan than to buy 1 Kanal in DHA Bahawalpur.

Sangar Gwadar

Besides opportunity trading, Sangar is over all quiet at the moment just like rest of Gwadar. I strongly recommend everyone not to waste money in private societies or open lands in Gwadar. You should only buy open land if you are purchasing at least 50 Acres.

Making a prediction about Gwadar is very hard as it is very volatile because of rapidly changing circumstances. In addition I believe that there will be many more opportunities in Gwadar in times to come, so best is to wait a bit and jump at a later time when things are more secure for investment.


To summarize there is not much difference in over all forecast. Most of these investments are now profitable in mid to long term basis , however short term trends can not be ruled out and if we see prices in Multan rising above 50 Lacs on balloting rumors than it may be a good time to sell.

Captain (Retd) Shahnawaz Yaqub Bhatti

Founder and CEO at Imlaak

Mob : +92 333 1616160 ( Whatsapp)

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