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Luxury Apartments in Lahore Gulberg for Sale

Posted by omarmasood on November 29, 2022

People like you are looking for a luxury apartment in Gulberg Lahore for sale. But what is luxury apartment living and what are the returns exactly? What determines a ‘luxury apartment’ and sets it apart from other living spaces? Hausarbeit schreiben lassen How much Rental income does it generate? Buyers have many questions but rarely are they able to satisfy their questions when looking for information relating to vertical projects. This article intends to bring clarity to the availability of luxury apartments in Gulberg Lahore. First, we investigate the luxury serviced apartment segment available for sale, followed by hotel rooms, and lastly luxury apartments in Gulberg Lahore for residential purposes.

Serviced Luxury Apartments in Lahore Gulberg

A serviced apartment is an apartment that is fully furnished with a well-equipped kitchen system which is available to guests or yourself for both short-term and long-term periods. Serviced Apartment in the best of both worlds. It has the features closer to a hotel room except it is more spacious along with all hotel services. A good serviced apartment building will offer the amenities and facilities of a five-star hotel. We have seen their popularity in Dubai, London, New York, and all over the world.

In the Serviced apartment you get personalized care. You may opt to use it for self-living or rent them for short-term to long-term stays. This category tends to generate more revenue in rental income than any other asset class. It has the highest return on investment if invested in the right project.

Globally the serviced apartment sector is growing by 7% whereas the traditional hotel industry is growing by 5%. Travelers and families all over the world stay in serviced apartments due to bigger size rooms and kitchens. Moreover, they tend to be more cost-effective for short-term stays and compete in the five-star category.

The Available Luxury Serviced apartments in Gulberg Lahore are mentioned below for your kind review.

Luxury serviced apartments in gulberg lahore

From the Table above we can see there are 7 apartment projects located in Gulberg, Lahore for sale. The price ranges from 1cr 10 lacs to all 8 Cr 40 lacs. The per square foot price varies from 28500 to 41000 per Square Foot.

Serviced apartments are competing and crossing the hotel apartment or any other segment in the rental sphere. They generate the highest income yields as seen all over the world. The possession of these units is with owners for 12 months with a few exceptions.

The Return on investment that an investor gets varies between 100 to 250% percent depending on the project and time of purchase.

The rental income ranges from 10% to 20% per annum. The more we tend to move towards fixed rental income the lower the expected rental yield.

Best serviced apartment in Gulberg Lahore

The biggest problem is that while the serviced apartments are being constructed, no one is offering a management solution to optimize the rental returns except Sixty6 Gulberg.

The best project with the highest rental income and ROI is Sixty6 as it operates through an online short-term rental management pool system.

Check out the expected returns of short-term rental management in Sixty6 Gulberg.

1 Step 1
Sixty6 Gulberg, first ever, RENTAL SMART building in the heart of Lahore

The only serviced apartment projects offering a 3-year rental guarantee are Downtown Mall and Century one if that sparks your interest. Serviced apartments in Downtown Mall are the obvious choice because of its hot location and construction progress.

Hotel rooms/suites in Gulberg Lahore

This has been a popular category for investors seeking immediate gratification from rental income.  The developers and operation partners (may be local or international brands such as Radisson, Swiss International, Sofitel, JWT Marriott & Ramada) who manage the building.

The hotel rooms/suites projects in Lahore for sale rank from 3 to 4 stars. These projects are under construction with only two being in operation. The Return on investment and the rental proposition is apart from any other property investment category.

The building tends to have a unique design element than any other type of apartment. These projects have rooms ranging from 60 to 400 rooms per building. They cannot be used for residential purposes.

The finishing of the room depends on the star of the hotel. Hotel apartments in Gulberg are 3 to 4 stars hotels tier in town. These projects are located on commercial blue zone plots. Most of them have restaurants, food courts, and malls from the ground to the third floor.

The investor gets approx 10% yearly rent. The rent increases by 20% after 3 years in most of these projects. However, you must have a very keen eye to read the fine print as each developer has unique contractual terms.

The table below shows the Luxury Hotel Apartment/ Suites project in Gulberg, Lahore.

luxury apartment projects in lahore

These projects give investors 10% rent per annum but their return on investment is very low as opposed to serviced or residential apartments. There is an old saying the value of the property is found by rent.

The highest priced project in Gulberg is Century One currently with 66,000 per square foot. This is a luxury hotel by Century Ventures. Currently, there are three projects under the banner of a Swiss international hotel but in each project the developer is different.

Gulberg City center has Radisson Brand while H&S and Downtown will be managing their own operations. Out of all these projects, Downtown and H&S have the most development progress. Downtown is moving towards finishing, while the H&S grey structure is almost ready.

Best hotel room/suites project in Gulberg Lahore

While it is difficult to select a clear winner here, Downtown Mall and H&S seem to be leading this category. Downtown enjoys an overwhelming location, which makes it the number one in the list, whereas H&S hotels come at a price tag that is hard to resist, although they don’t offer a rental guarantee, and clarity of how the rental pool system will work is not available yet.

Downtown is a serviced apartment building with hotel rooms on the 1st,2nd and 3rd floors. This limited number of hotel rooms available in the entire building makes it attractive. It will be operational in 2024 earlier than any other in this category.

Other projects have a higher price in this category but offer a 10-year-long lease agreement for rental income, you can read more about overpriced rental guarantee projects in our blog or watch the video.

Luxury residential apartments in Lahore Gulberg

A Luxury apartment in Gulberg exudes opulence and amenities all under one roof. The Luxury apartment segment is based in the prime locality of Gulberg, Lahore. The tone of these apartments offers its residents an experience of opulence. These buildings have services that standard apartments don’t have.

You may find Prime location apartment buildings with 1 to 5 years payment plans. The residential apartment ranges from Studio to 5 bedrooms. They may be single to triple levels units and spacious enough so your family may live comfortably. They are purpose-built for long-term self-use and rental. Please review the luxury residential apartment building in Gulberg

Luxury residential apartments in gulberg Lahore

This segment has amenities from a Swimming pool, Gym, Sauna & SPA, dedicated parking, 24/7 security, and Lounges for entertaining guests. The operations generally cater to long-term living for personal or rental purposes.

As we see the residential Apartment start from 1 crore and go north of 16 crores. The return on investment has been robust in the past 3 years. On average investors have made from 60% to 150% gain. We have options from Studios apart to five bedrooms duplex units and penthouses.

Best residential apartment in Gulberg Lahore

A lot of apartment projects in Gulberg Lahore for residential purposes meet various requirements, if you are looking for quality yet economical luxury apartments the obvious choice is Indigo Boutique and Opus luxury residences.

T square is catering to the uppermost echelon. However, the apartment starts from 6.5 crores onwards which can be a deciding factor for many.

Residence 15 is an economical and upscale apartment building catering to all ranges of apartments.

Last but not least if you are looking for a possession apartment in Gulberg Lahore in installments the only choice is Maple condominiums.

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We have HAND-PICKED best APARTMENT projects for you, offering 6- 10% rental returns annually.

Where to invest?

If you are looking for personal residence the choice is limited to luxury residential apartment projects in Lahore or a good serviced apartment building. Although they do offer good rental returns they are not at par in terms of rental income with serviced apartments or hotel rooms.

So even if you are looking for personal use best choice would be to go for a good serviced apartment building that serves both purposes if your pocket allows you.

If you are interested in the best ROI in terms of rental income and capital gains the obvious choice is serviced apartments and hotel rooms/suites. However, you need to carefully consider the prices and amenities and avoid overpriced projects.

The best overall category is Serviced apartments in Gulberg Lahore as they are the best hybrid solution offering the best of both worlds. They tend to offer the best rental returns and capital gain growth among all categories. They offer commercial viability with the way of enjoying an opulent lifestyle for self-living. To discuss further you may contact me on the below-mentioned details.

Author: Omar Masood

Senior Director- Investment

Mobile: 0300-2049944


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