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Commercial Files For Sale

Imlaak is the best place to find DHA Lahore commercial files in best rates. We deal with all commercial files including affidavit and allocation files. Prices of commercial files are updated daily.

When - Where - How

Buy a DHA Lahore commercial file for fast trading and quick profits. Imlaak provides you complete analysis and safe procedures to buy or sell files with optimum results and transparency.

Buying and selling of commercial files in DHA Lahore requires experience, market knowledge and quick decision making. Our expert opinion will help you make the right choice.

We guarantee 100% TRANSPARENCY in all our deals.

DHA Lahore Commercial Files

Tips For Buyers

Buy at new launch

If you are looking for maximum gain, buy commercial files when DHA announces a new commercial area.

Buy 4 Marla Files

4 Marla commercial  files trade more quickly and usually sell like hot cakes, these give better returns than 8 Marla files.

use a trustworthy source

Always use a trustworthy, reputable agent. Remember files are more susceptible to fraudulent activities.

Tips For Sellers

Sell when mature

The best time to sell commercial files is usually at balloting. Plots are sold at a much slower pace than files.

Make quick trades

Select an agent who is market savvy, sell near top, remember you can never sell at peak or buy at the bottom rate.

Sell on cash payments

Always sell your commercial file on ready cash, prices of files move too quickly and buyers may back out if they drop.

If you need help to buy or sell commercial files in DHA Lahore, call us at +92 3 111 777 555,  email us at [email protected] or use the online chat to reach us. We are always around to help our valued clients.

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