Value Added Services

Investing with

Yes, you have made the right choice to invest through It will make you eligible for free consultancy and distinguished services. 

One Stop Solution

We offer a one stop solution for all your needs, we work as marketing consultants with the selected developers and bring following to your table:

  1. Insider transactions & pre launch.
  2. We offer you neutral consultancy and analysis of projects.
  3. Imlaak provides official booking services on behalf of developers.

Free Legal Services

Working with will give you a unique opportunity to avail all our legal services free of cost, this includes:

  1. Vetting of initial agreement and payment plans.
  2. Dispute handling and settlements.
  3. Overseeing & assisting for a transparent transfer of the property after the payments are complete.

Pre Sales Services

Imlaak offers you reliable Pre sale services that include :

  1. Deep insight of the projects development and sales.
  2. Helping you select and find the right properties.
  3. Visual tours and on site briefing in person or through live videos.
  4. Our influence with developers will get you better bargains and flexible installment plans.

After Sales Services

We will never leave you alone, we always go one step ahead to serve your needs. Most notable of our services include:

  1. Monthly progress reports, pictures and videos right in your email and on our website.
  2. We keep a vigilant eye on the developers progress and notify you ASAP if we observe any neglect.
  3. Reminders to ensure that your payments are always in time and you do not get penalized for delayed payments.
  4. Never be short on your scheduled payment again. Learn more about our payment help solutions. will never leave you alone and will pool in to assist if you are short on a scheduled payment. Terms and conditions apply.