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goldcrest mall and residency

Goldcrest Mall and Residency

Booking your apartment in Goldcrest Mall and Residency through imlaak.com will make you eligible for various value added services only offered exclusively by imlaak. Call us at 0322-4531921 Goldcrest Mall and Residency Lahore being the second largest city of Pakistan and a proud metropolitan city has already grown quite close until the borders of the country in

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DHA Gujranwala will rise

With the inauguration of the DHA Gujranwala gate by the Corps Commander General Ikram Ul Haq, DHA Gujranwala will see a rise in the prices. Another good news for all investors is that I believe the land issue in DHA Gujranwala has been resolved therefore, giving direct access to DHA from GT Road. This is

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Phase 9 Town Investment

Phase 9 Town Investment Trending towards Phase 9 town Phase 9 town investment is one of the best opportunities you’ll find in today’s slow market. The market is trending towards Phase 9 town. There are multiple reasons for Phase 9 Town investment. These reasons will be underlined below and explained later. Investors, builders and one

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Opportunities and Developments in Phase 6

Opportunities and Developments in Phase 6 DHA Lahore With ongoing developments in Phase 6 DHA Lahore in developed and undeveloped areas, there are various opportunities which present themselves. We will discuss each opportunity in brief context. Phase 6 A block Commercials Phase 6 A block commercial area is being built right next to the DHA

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Analysis Report DHA Rahber Phase 11 Phase 2 Ext Balloting

DHA Rahbar ballot coming soon

DHA Rahbar ballot of residential and commercial files of Phase 2 extension is expected very soon. Good news for people who have purchased DHA Rahbar files. The ballot is expected much soon than you think. In about a month or so we can expect the much awaited ballot of DHA Rahbar files. It was delayed

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DC rates 2017

DC rates 2017 DHA Lahore: A study DC rates 2017 have increased in Lahore DHA and elsewhere as well. Our focus would be on the DC rate increase in DHA Lahore. We have seen an exponential increase in some of the DC rates and this study will focus on the increment in different residential and

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Where to Invest PKR 40 million in DHA?

Where to Invest PKR 40 million in DHA? Fourth chapter of the series where to invest in DHA will allow us to expand our horizon of investment further incorporating relative returns on a combination portfolio as well as a singular portfolio. Expected returns on different investments along with risk factors will be discussed. The points

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Where to invest PKR 30 million in DHA?

Where to invest PKR 30 million in DHA? This is the third chapter in where to invest in DHA. This article would help you in making decisions regarding properties quickly in terms of investment which you might have. This would focus on short, medium and long term goals and a mix in some cases. This

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Monthly Plot Sale Report DHA Lahore for March, 2017

Monthly Plot Sale Report DHA Lahore for March, 2017 Phase 6 Plots and Houses This is the monthly plot sale report DHA Lahore for March, 2017. Phase 6 has been relatively stable. House buyers have seen an increase in Phase 6 but between the price bracket of 4-4.5 crores. High end or low end houses have seen

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