Springs Apartment Homes

Springs Apartment Homes claims?

The Springs Apartment homes claims to provide the most high end community living in Lahore. For many of us who are already aware of the community lifestyle, lets dig into this project and find out, would The Springs Apartments Homes be up to the mark or will it be just another average project?

The Springs Apartments Homes is situated on canal bank road, after crossing EME DHA in front of Izmir Town. Canal bank road leads from Thokar Niaz Baig chowk towards Bahria Town, new Lahore city and Lake city Lahore.

Thokar Niaz Baig hold its importance with its presence at the central point connecting Raiwind road, Johar Town, Wapda town and judicial colony with Motorway.

Now we all know the connection of Motorway to other cities, but what it has to do with Spring Apartment Homes. What does it has to do with the quality of lifestyle which the developer promises?

Before we proceed to that, there are some facts which I would like to remind you about the locale.

If we travel back to the year 2007,which makes it a decade, houses were being constructed in J-1 sector of Johar town right opposite of Judicial colony.

As the concentration of the houses started getting high in the eastern side which includes Johar town, Canal view, PCSIR and Wapda Town, this real estate boom eventually had to spread towards the western side across the Thokar Niaz Biag chowk which now includes prominent societies such as EME DHA, Bahria Town, NESPAK, Lake city and etc.

With the launch of Bahria Town Lahore on canal road, distant where there was null existence of any residence, well it took the lead among these societies with its modern architecture and its themed displays.

People started to opt the option for Bahria town and since then these societies in between on canal Road have been developing as well.

The signs are there for you if you open your eyes, the presence of commercial zones, the shopping outlets, the restaurants which were nowhere to be seen on this road a decade back can be seen now.

If even you had to get any utility , you would rather have to go to Thokar Niaz Baig chowk or a small bakery named Al bake inside of EME DHA at that time. There was also Metro the grocery mart but still that is on Thokar Niaz Biag chowk.

Now there are these commercial zones which offer you grocery stores, dine in and take away restaurants, various brands of clothing outlets, car wash, vehicle workshops, petrol pumps and much more.

A huge amount of traffic flow drives these commercial zones here, majority are the residents from the developed societies in this area, which will include The Springs Apartment Homes in 2020.

There is no doubt, that this area is now one of the most speedy developing areas of Lahore and from the past one decade it has provided shelters to thousands among the masses.

The Springs Apartments Homes is a developing project amidst these societies plunging in the rat race, but there is a difference.

The advantage here is that there is not a single luxury multi-family living residency in this zone.

The speed at which the population has relocated towards this locale of Lahore is quite fascinating, which is a proof for the demand of residency beside canal road.

Lets zoom in to The Springs Apartments Homes and see what can we find out about the project. The first four things which we will come across while visiting the project site is

  1. Exclusive.
  2. Luxury.
  3. Security.
  4. And once again Security.


Why is it exclusive? Well, the true concept of multi-family units holds behind its exclusiveness, otherwise it would be just be useless, for instance; an outsider cannot have direct excess to any unit without the permission of its resident.

The Springs Apartment Homes are designed specifically for a high end luxury living. The amenities and facilities would be only available to the residents, and no one without the resident’s permission can enter this community.

These units will only accommodate families, where they can built up a community living and socialize with like minded people.


Coming to the luxury part, Spring Apartment Homes has a designated country club which is only dedicated for the residents. This country club is being constructed on 2kanals which includes one basement and two floors above of it.

The amenities present in the county club includes a swimming pool, fitness gym, indoor and outdoor sports, sauna, children’s play area and a movie theatre, where the families can socialize and have easy access to these leisure activities right beside their units.

The plus point for this project is that it is not stuffed up with apartments buildings instead there are four blocks with 6 floors each and in the centre is a 40kanal courtyard.

This courtyard is the actual beauty of this project with its artificial lake.

With more space to have fresh air and a non-congested environment, these families residing here will be excited to rush back home.

Once the possession is handed over to the residents in 2020, Spring Apartments Homes would become a word of mouth as the families residing here would be having a superior lifestyle with all the amenities one could ever wish of in Lahore.

springs apartments homes


Security and security I mentioned this twice for a reason. When we visited the project site, we came to know that it would be quite difficult for any intruder to reach inside the premises with its 35 feet height of thick cemented blocks boundary wall, cctvs, security panel, security guards on both exits and watch towers.

It would be almost impossible for any intruder to bypass the security. The boundary wall is quite similar to those of mega fortresses, for it should be as the total area of the project is 84kanals, which is not in the case for most of the projects.

Apart from this there will be utility shops besides the country club for the ease of the residents, the developer does not want you to go outside the premises not even to fetch some eggs for your breakfast.

There would be cafe as well, where you can sit off and relax with your neighbors unlike dragging the chairs in between the road for a political chats, which is a hobby in some neighborhoods.


We started with mentioning  about the motorway access. Motorway and the national highway are two main roads which connects various cities, almost once or twice a month, a working class person travels or is having guests from these cities.

This location can provide an easy access and save time in contrast to travelling from inside the city. With the construction of ring road , it has helped in dividing the traffic flow and congestion.

The construction for 2 blocks has been completed out of 4 in total. The courtyard and the country club would be built after the remaining four blocks.

From an investor’s point of view, the average gain would be 4000-5000rs/sqft after the second quarter of the year 2019. The Springs Apartment Homes is a suitable investment and the huge number of families visiting the site is a clear indication of its worth once it is completed.

Investment Consultant, Director Marketing 

Hassan Bhatti


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Faisal Chishti
Faisal Chishti

Nice to read this post. It seems like Springs Apartment Homes would be an ideal home for a family like mine.