Small Investments in DHA Lahore from 3-7 million (30 to 70 lacs)

Small Investments in DHA Lahore from 3-7 million (30 to 70 Lacs)

Small investments in DHA Lahore become limited when you consider investing a small amount of money in DHA Lahore. This doesn’t necessarily mean that opportunities don’t exist. There are considerably viable options when you are looking to invest small. In our study we will look at different options for short, medium and long run. Starting small we will move on to higher investments.

DHA Rahbar File

Dha Rahbar Phase 2 extension 5 marla file is a viable option considering only a small amount of roughly 30-32 lacs is required. A 5 marla file with ballot around the corner will give us good returns. The reason for this is it is supposed to be balloted sooner than later.

Although no formal dates have been announced but it is expected in the next few months. The announcement could come at any time. We are looking at a net profitability of around 1.5 lacs up to 6.5 lacs. This means excluding our service charges, transfer charges, taxes and membership charges. For a short period this is one of the best small investments in DHA.

Phase 9 Prism file

This is another file but this is a 10 marla file. It can be considered medium term as the partial ballot will occur once DHA has acquired a particular portion of land in the given area. A 10 marla plot will give us a benefit of up to 5-14 lacs roughly. This should be held until your file has balloted.

In comparison a 10 marla file will only cost you 55 lacs roughly and a plot on the other hand starts at 60 and goes up to 80 lacs depending upon the location of the plot. This is another option which can give you hefty profits. Ballot will take place from time to time as DHA continues to acquire land of the remaining pockets in Prism. From the locations we can see the pockets are comparatively better situated in most cases compared to the balloted plots which already exist. This is one of the better small investments in DHA Lahore.

Phase 9 town plot

Phase 9 town plot is another option. In this category of plots it is by far the best possible option which exists in DHA Lahore as of today. The price increases with time and the number of houses continue to grow in this vicinity. Phase 9 town possession plot would cost us anywhere between 48-60 lacs depending upon the location of the plot. Possession also gives us another opportunity which is to build a house and put it up for sale. This means that a good profit can be made from construction of a house.

We might have to wait a bit before building a house as there are only 13-4 houses being built or already constructed in the aforementioned area. Once development of E block starts, we can look at a price jump, then when Bedian road will be broadened another jump can be expected in prices. I personally believe that it is highly underpriced. The cheapest 5 marla possession plot in all of DHA is available in only Phase 9 Town.

Phase 6 E block plot

Phase 6 block non-possession plots will cost us anywhere between 55-62 lacs making it the cheapest option in Phase 6. The drawback is the location as of today but will eventually see a rise in prices when the road leading to E extension is built. I foresee a plot worth 70 lacs on possession. This might take a while up to two years for this connotation to materialize.

Until then I don’t see a jump in the middle. From an investment point of view this might be at the bottom of my list but from a residential perspective in the future one of the better options in DHA Lahore.

DHA Rahbar 10 marla file

A 10 marla file stands at 63 lacs roughly. Expected net profit is 6.5-15 lacs once balloted depending on the location. I believe that two units of 5 marla are better as it gives you more of a chance of landing a good plot as you’ll have two files. However, the profitability of this single unit is greater.

I’ll leave that for the investor to decide. Inauguration of the Ring Road will also give a slight jump in case the ballot is delayed. The left out general elements are the same as explained above.

Phase 8 Y block

In Y block an eight marla option cannot be negated in any case. Plots varying from 7.2-8.5 million are the last but not least in terms of investment. Development is going on and this is adjacent to Phase 5 on the other of the ring road from Phase 8 X block. This upon possession will definitely cross 10 million mark.

The counterparts available in Phase 5 which is just a few meters away are priced at 150 lacs and above for a 10 marla plot whereas a 10 marla here would cost us from 95-125 lacs max. This gap in the price will definitely be marginalized upon possession. One of the best small investments in DHA Lahore.

(Note: The prices are subject to change as per the market, the file rates vary almost on a daily basis it is recommended to get a fresh rate before purchase.)

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Umer Shehzad

MBA Finance (Cardiff University, UK)

Managing Director Imlaak

(+92) 03208484630 call for consultation

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