Plot Price DHA Phase 8 Lahore , broadway commercial phase 8

5 Logical Reasons for Higher Plot Price DHA Phase 8 Lahore

5 Logical Reasons for High Plot Price DHA Phase 8 Lahore

DHA Phase 8 is my personal favorite and if you look at our market analysis from previous months here. You will notice that we have been consistently advising to invest in DHA Phase 8 residential and commercial properties. Presently it seems that phase 8 is being over shadowed by 9 prism the reality is far different from it. Plot price DHA Phase 8 Lahore have sharply risen by 4 to 5 Million in just over 3 months and continues to rise further. Some of you may be startled by the high prices. However the truth of the matter is that the growth in DHA Phase 8 Lahore is very solid and is supported by some great reasoning.

I have never believed to invest in a greater fool theory. The prices in phase 8 are supported by logic and we will try to explain some of them below.

Logical Reason No 1 : Location

Most important and an undeniable fact is the superior location of DHA Phase 8 Lahore. It is located right in front of Allama iqbal international airport Lahore. DHA phase 8 is surrounded from all 4 sides with developed societies such as DHA Phase 8 (Ex Park View and Air Avenue ) and Eden city on its North west , DHA Phase 6 in its south east , DHA Phase 5 on its south west , Divine , KB colony , Eden houses , DHA Phase 1 and 2 on its south west . This gives phase 8 a unique advantage over all phases of DHA and making it the heart of DHA Lahore in times to come.

Plot Price DHA Phase 8 Lahore

Real estate is the key cost of physical retailers. That’s why there’s the old saw: location, location, location.

Jeff Bezos

Logical Reason No 2 : Commercial Areas

DHA town planners are smart men they understand that the true potential of Phase 8 central location can only be exploited through well planned commercial areas. Phase 8 presently houses Broadway commercials which are the biggest commercial market in the history of DHA Lahore . Besides that other commercial areas such as CCA 1 , CCA 2 , huge chunks for projects , hotels , shopping malls and JV projects are reserved for future development.

Have you ever wondered what makes Phase 3 as the most expensive and successful phase so far? yes you got it right its the Y and Z Block commercial markets which developed into successful commercial zones . As humans we are social creatures and we prefer places we get more opportunities to socialize and commercial markets hit those psychological triggers.

dha phase 8 commercial broadway

 Logical Reason NO 3 : Superior Town Planning

Without any doubts Plot Price DHA Phase 8 Lahore would not have gone up in the absence of superior town planning. While we have already mentioned well planned commercial areas which also complement superior town planning.  There are 2 other factors which we would like to high light further:

a. Security

DHA Phase 8 has been developed considering the need for our desire to live in a secure environment. Each and every block of phase 8 is only accessible through a couple of routes usually only 2 or 3 entry or exit points. Unlike phase 6 and 7 which are totally open , DHA Phase 8 Lahore offers a unique system and sense of secure living.

b. Parks and Amnesties

No other phase of DHA is so rich in Parks and amnesties as phase 8 . One of the major reasons for higher plot price DHA phase 8 Lahore is the presence of almost 30 Parks in just 7 Blocks as shown in the image below.

plot price dha phase 8 lahore

Logical Reason No 4 : Accessibility and Infrastructure

Another reason for a higher plot price DHA phase 8 Lahore is the accessibility and well planned infrastructure. It is only 3 Kms away from DHA Phase 1 and 2 through new air port road. Only 3 Kms away from Allama Iqbal international airport . 200 Feet Broadway linking it to Lahore ring road . It does not matter where you work , every place is within your reach. If you live in Phase 8 you will never feel disconnected from rest of the city.

Logical Reason No 5 : Genuine Trending

This reason is more psychological than logical but aren’t they interconnected? . Ever since the announcement of DHA Phase 8 , every one has expected it to be the premium phase of DHA. This has established a trend in plot price DHA phase 8 Lahore as well . Psychologically every one tend to prefer a place which are safe for there investment . The safe heaven mentality will certainly favor DHA Phase 8 Lahore in times to come.

Concluding our Argument

I am pretty sure that after this insight you will reconsider your investment strategy in DHA Phase 8 . I have no doubts that it is the pearl of DHA Lahore and most premium phase for decades to come. The prices will most certainly be higher than not only DHA Phase 6 but also DHA Phase 5 in near future. In the end i have a question for you. Where do you see the prices of DHA phase 8 Lahore plots in a years time?

For latest Plot price DHA Phase 8 Click here.


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Captain (Retd) Shahnawaz Yaqub Bhatti



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adil khan
adil khan

sir how do you see phase 8 commercial broadway investment, do you think it over priced? are you expecting any major correction in current scenario?. How do you see it in next 3-5 days, do you think its too many commercials in broadway?

Syed Husnain Zahid
Syed Husnain Zahid

When is good time to sell DHA phase 8 Lahore residential in near future


Please, Send me the listilisting of the availability of properties.
Thanking in advance.


I think phase 8 having commercial broadway on one side and CCA on another side isnt going to make it the future Phase 3 like Y and Z block. Until or unless eden vista’s commercial is going to get merged with phase 8.

Mohammad Akram
Mohammad Akram

Need your advice about R block (Old house) in phase 8 Air avenue. Is it good time to buy?

Arslan Shaukat
Arslan Shaukat

there can be an attachment of road from PARK VIEW to PHASE 8 MAIN BOULEVARD but Eden vista is in between them. how they are going to get the passage.?