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Real estate investment opportunities in Gulberg

Main commercial hub of Lahore

Two decades ago Gulberg has immerged as the main commercial hub of Lahore. In this colony top commercial brands, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, offices, famous institutes, much more are working and many plan to shift in this area due to business activities.

Some of its details are as follows

  1. During the last decade new hotels have been set up including Hotel one, Nishat, Park lane, Savoy etc.
  2. Nearly all famous local/foreign food chains are operating particularly in MM alam road.
  3. many shopping malls including Mall one, Xinhua mall, Hafeez centre etc.
  4. Renowned School, educational institutes like Beacon house, LGS, City school etc.
  5. Famous liberty market, Qaddafi cricket and hockey stadium are also situated here.

High rise commercial buildings have been constructed and some are 20-22 stories tall with 3-4 basements and many are being constructed including Askari tower and Indigo Height, Liberty market.

Present and futures plans of LDA

Following are the present and future plans

  1. Two way railway line under pass on Qasuri road/Noor Jahan road adjacent to Sui gas office will be open to traffic during December 2017.
  2. Plan to start Blue Train, starting from Green Town to Kalma chowk, main boulevard Gulberg and ending at Qurtaba chowk(Muzang chungi).
  3. Elevated express way starting from Gulberg/Jail road to Motorway. Property acquisition for this purpose has already been started.
  4. Plan to construct a six lane fly over on Railway line connecting Qasuri road to cantonment. It will be parallel to present four lane flyover connecting Gulberg(Qasuri road) to Cavalry ground.

Plots categorization

Plots of Gulberg have been categorized according to activities and heights.

  1. Blue zone(Max up to 250ft)
  2. Dark pink(Max up to 70ft)
  3. Light pink(Max 38ft)
  4. Residential(max 2 stories)

Plot prices

  1. Main Boulevard(11-14cr/k)
  2. MM Alam road(12-21cr/k)
  3. Qasuri road(12-20crore/k)
  4. Halli road(8-14cr/k)
  5. Zahoor Ilahi road(10-12cr/k)
  6. Dark Pink and light pink areas(6-10cr/k)
  7. Residential(3.5-5cr/k)

Due to its excellent location, beautiful design, wide roads, plot sizes from 10k to 12k suits many investors, it is very popular among investors all over Pakistan and overseas Pakistanis.

Investment Advice

The people who had invested in Guberg Lahore have gained a lot of money due to constant increase in property prices for e.g. Five years back main MM alam plot price was 5-7cr/k and now the same plot is 18-21cr/k.

In view of the above mentioned good returns, sale/purchase of properties in going on as local and overseas Pakistanis are showing great concern and contacting us.

It is also expected that CPEC will further enhance the real estate sector and the present commercial activities will be further enhanced, which will increase the Gulberg properties by 20-30% per annum.

Having long experience and knowledge about Gulberg we can provide proper guidance and knowledge to avoid any mistake while investing. Please feel free to ask any questions about Gulberg properties.



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