Payment Support Solutions

Payment Support Solutions offers an indigenous solution for its clients to add value to the transaction. In case a client has difficulty coming up with payment for a planned scheduled installment due to some unforeseen reason in which case the developer will charge you a delayed payment penalty or you may even risk cancellation of your booking.

Imlaak stands with you and will assist to avoid this stressful situation with our payment support solutions, where we will make up to 3 to 10% of total booking price of your property on behalf of a client to the developer, totally free of any charge. Please read the terms and conditions carefully:

Terms and Conditions

  1. You must have made at least 50% of complete payment of the property to the developer.
  2. The maximum duration of payment support is limited for 2 Months, after that you have to return the support amount to imlaak.
  3. In case you are unable to pay timely, you will have to pay penalty as per your agreement with the developer, starting from the day paid on your behalf.
  4. The payment support is only limited for developers who will accept and agree to the support of
  5. reserves the right to refuse any payment support without any reason or explanation.