Phase 5 M block ballot

Phase 5 M block ballot

Phase 5 M block ballot of 4 marla commercial files has taken place. In order to find out your plot numbers you can contact DHA over the phone and ask them or visit in person. The list might not have been uploaded yet. 4 Marla commercial plots haven’t seen an exponential rise in prices as expected the plot is around 375 lacs initially. A safe bet was that it’d cross 400 lacs or would be around that mark. But once trading starts it is expected to go upwards. The long awaited underpass is also almost complete.

It is recommended to switch else where for short term gains or hold on to it for long term or mid term gains. Long term is more likely as the prevailing prices in the commercials of B and D block of Phase 5 are around the 450 lacs mark. It is unlikely it’ll cross that figure in the short or for that matter medium term. It could increase by a bit in the medium term though.

Contributed by:

Umer Shehzad

MBA Finance (Cardiff University, UK)

(+92) 3208484630

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