DHA Rahber Transfer Office

DHA Rahber Transfer Office

DHA Rahber transfer office has been shifted to DHA Lahore main office complex. The surprise move has taken place by the end of the first month of 2017. Presently all the transfers have been postponed till 6th Feb 2017 till reopening in the main DHA office complex as per the prescribed date.

Investors believe that this will be positive for DHA Phase 11 Rahber as lot of real estate dealers will be able to engage in the sale and purchase of the files and plots in Rahber.

Presently the prices of 5 Marla Rahber Phase 2 Ext file is t 28 to 29 Lacs and 4 Marla commercial is being traded at 195 to 200 Lacs. Prices are expected to rise a bit after the shift as it will make it more easier for the more than 700 registered DHA dealers to engage in trading activity in the above Phase. In future we  can easily presume that we will see more activity in Phase 11 not just in terms of file sale and purchase but also the sale and purchase of plots in Phase 1 & 2 of Rahber.


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