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Monthly Plot Sale Report DHA Lahore for March, 2017

Posted by Capt Shahnawaz on April 4, 2017

Monthly Plot Sale Report DHA Lahore for March, 2017

Phase 6 Plots and Houses

DHA Lahore Monthly Plot Sale:

  • This is the monthly plot sale report DHA Lahore for March, 2017. Phase 6 has been relatively stable. House buyers have seen an increase in Phase 6 but between the price bracket of 4-4.5 crores. High end or low end houses have seen a decline. The low end houses due to lack of either location or low end vanities and finishing lack a client base, the high end houses come in competition with low end areas of Phase 5 people prefer low end Phase 5 locations in general compared to a high end 5 to 6.5 crore furnished house in Phase 6. Residential plots have seen a decline in Phase 6 due to lack of overall gain in prices, only builders continue to procure positions in Phase 6.
  • Commercial prices have gone up and continue to go up with time. They have seen a significant rise in prices in the last couple of months. MB continues to ad money despite the fact rental value has deteriorated. This means saturation would ensure high yields at the end of the day. CCA 2 has seen a rise in prices which was expected last month and continue to grow. CCA 1 has been relatively stable. Phase 6 A block has seen little or no activity. Phase 6 L block falls in the same category, D block old cutting is at a similar halt.
  • Purchases
  1. One plot purchased in L block
  2. One plot purchased in A block
  3. One house purchased in F block
  • Sales
  1. Sold one plot in L block
  2. Sold one 4 marla MB main road
  3. Sold one 4 marla MB back of main road

Phase 7 Plots and Houses

  • Phase 7 plots are on the rise again. This is due to the gap between prices of Phase 6 and 7 which is still significant. Blocks with lower prices such as T, U, Y have seen a good trade volume. Y block sees a more trade volume as it is the biggest block of Phase 7. Commercials due to availability of CCA 3 now, the consumer has spread out from CCA 4, however, CCA 4 still remains strong in comparison with other CCAs of Phase 7. Phase 7 is now rising and it’s a good time to invest.
  • Purchases
  1. Purchased one plot in T block
  2. Purchased one plot in Y block
  3. Purchased one plot in Q block
  • Sales
  1. Sold a plot one in CCA 3 of four marlas
  2. Sold one plot in Y block
  3. Sold one plot in T block

Phase 8 Plots and Houses

  • The prices in Phase 8 have seen a decline somewhat in trading volume as well as prices. The prices have seen a little or no dip in some areas. Park View Phase 8 has seen a rise in prices along with Air Avenue both commercial as well as residential plots. Trading volumes have split as Phase 8 new blocks have seen the rise and fall in prices since December, 2016. People prefer possession along with a certain populous in Air Avenue and Park View. Not a single person has started construction in the possession areas of Phase 8.
  • Prices in Broadway continue to rise as the decline witnessed last year has not been completely compensated. This means that the good locations of Phase 8 Broadway will continue to see a rise. In the compromised areas prices would soar once availability is on the low, but that is yet to be seen as there are only a handful of good locations in Phase 8 Broadway. This is still the time to procure a plot at a good location.

Park View 4 marla file is advisable as the rate of 8 marla plot is almost 4 times that of a 4 marla file at 9 crores whereas 16 marla stands at 18-20 crores. This means whenever balloted the plot would be worth 4-4.5 crores which is not a bad ROI in any case. This is a continuous reminder for investors. Once balloted you would only look back to regret not procuring a file.

  • Z block has seen a dip in trade volume but it is highly advisable to procure a plot before possession in announced in 2018. The profit taking opportunity still presents itself only to be en-cashed by the smart. Z block is making a comeback and the prices would continue at a slower pace to rise.
  • Purchases
  1. Bought a plot in Z6 of 1 Kanal
  2. Bought two commercial plots of 8 marlas in Broadway
  3. Bought a plot in X block
  4. Bought a plot in W block
  5. Bought a 4 marla Park View file
  6. Bought a 2 Kanal house in Park View
  • Sales
  1. Sold a plot in Commercial broadway of 8 marlas in D block
  2. Sold a residential plot of 1 Kanal in Z4
  3. Sold a commercial plot in Z6 block of 4 marlas
  4. Sold a 5 marla plot in Z4

Phase 9 Plots and Houses

  • Prism continues to grow, not in terms of prices but trade volumes, this in turn means prices will follow suit once trades take place for the ongoing availability of plots. Phase 9 5 marla, 10 marla along with 1 Kanal have a decent transactional volume as of now. This trend would continue in months to come before budget. It is advisable to procure a position for 2-3 months.
  • Phase 9 town prices are rising after the announcement of expansion of Bedian road and allocation of 2 billion rupees for the expansion. This trend would continue and people are still waiting for the army allotted plots in E blocks to surface, this in turn would increase the prices significantly in the Phase 9 Town. The file of 4 marla has seen a dip but is expected to rise once expansion of Bedian Road starts.
  • Purchases
  1. Purchased a plot of 1 kanal in G block
  2. Purchased a 5 marla plot in R block
  3. Purchased a 9 town 5 marla plot in A block
  • Sales
  1. Sold a 5 marla plot in Phase 9 Town B block.
  2. Sold a 5 marla plot in R block Phase 9
  3. Sold a 1 Kanal plot in F block

A summary can be seen below in percentages for the average daily volume which has been 40 transfers in the month of March. These are estimates based on current transfers in DHA, Lahore.
(Source of information has been direct gathering of information from various sources)

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