Monthly Plot Sale Report DHA Lahore January, 2017

Monthly Plot Sale Report DHA Lahore January, 2017

Phase 6 Plots and Houses

• This is the monthly plot sale report DHA Lahore for January, 2017. Phase 6 has seen an increase in the trading volume as of January, 2017. A few purchases were done at our end one of a house second was of a plot. Home owners and builders alike continue to purchase plots in different locations. Home users has seen a rise in Phase 6. People continue to purchase houses in Phase 6.

• Commercial plots have seen a rise in demand especially on the main MB. This in turn means that end users who want rental income are more in the market than compared to people looking for investment in Phase 6. This would surely increase the market activity as the plots on the main are more expensive than the ones at the back.

• Purchases
1. One plot purchased in K block
2. One plot purchased in C block
3. One house purchased in D block

• Sales
1. Sold one plot in K block
2. Sold one 4 marla MB on back of main road

Phase 7 Plots and Houses

• Phase 7 plots has seen more activity compared to the previous months. This means that the prices would eventually rise. The prices have risen but to a limited extent. People however, are more optimistic than what the market is showing. Commercials on the other hand a whole different story people who bought at the abnormal prices of April, May 2106 are still waiting that their investment wouldn’t be at a loss. The prices are stagnant with little or no buyer in the market. I believe that this might be the right time to procure a plot from an investor who has been holding for quite a while. You are bound to get a deal if Phase 7 CCA 4 suits you. 8 marla options are also viable from end user point of view but I don’t see that it would give you a good return on your investment.

• Purchases
1. Purchased one plot in Y block

• Sales
1. Sold a plot one in CCA 4 of four marlas
2. Sold one plot in Y block

Phase 8 Plots and Houses

• The prices in Phase 8 have been relatively stable once they reached prices close to what they were last year before taxes. Phase 8 has seen a decline in trading volumes. The main reason was increase in transactions in Phase 9 Prism. However, this has seen that the prices remain stagnant in most of the areas. Phase 8 is still a very good investment from my point of view. This is the only Phase in history which has seen a constant upward growth with little downward fluctuations from time to time.

• Prices in Broadway are on the rise again, it’s an opportunity not to be missed. People who understand Broadway and have seen the previous 60-80% rise in prices in 2014-2016 will agree this is one commercial that gives you abnormal returns. Prices are on the rise but not have seen their upper limit as of now. This means procuring a position will surely give you good returns by the end of 2017. CCA 1 and CCA 2 have seen little or no increase in prices as the prices were already inflated from the beginning but I believe the dip in prices would recover once the possession list is published on DHA’s website.
Park View 4 marla file is highly advisable as the rates are reasonable with no 4 marla currently existing in the market it is speculated that the plots once balloted would be high in demand. Park View is primarily a 2 Kanal community therefore, the purchasing power of the consumer is more compared to any other part of DHA. These 4 marlas are bound to give you ample returns once balloted.

• Z block is still on a low. This means that procuring a plot in Z block other than one kanal would see a good return on investment. It is advisable to buy a plot in IVY Green Z block Phase 8 as the prices would definitely rise after a while. From the looks of things I believe that in 2 years’ time possession can be expected. The major drawback from end user point of view is that the approach of Z block is not up to the mark. It is highly compromised as you might have to change the shocks of your car if you visit it right now. From purely investment point of view invest in Z6 commercials, 5 marla options, 10 marla and if a one kanal is underpriced go for that as well. Sell it near possession to get the maximum ROI (Return on Investment).

• Purchases
1. Bought a plot in Z6 of 5 marlas
2. Bought one commercial plot of 8 marlas in Broadway
3. Bought a plot in U block
4. Bought a plot in T block
5. Bought a 4 marla Park View file

• Sales
1. Sold a plot in Commercial broadway of 8 marlas in A block
2. Sold a residential plot in Z4 block of 10 marlas
3. Sold a commercial plot in Z6 block of 4 marlas

Phase 9 Plots and Houses

• Prism has seen a significant rise in prices and trade volume. Prices in Phase 9 have skyrocketed. This would be however, temporary as most of price gain is due to Biyanas and not end consumer. We are still waiting for the biyana bubble to burst so we can procure biyanas which are stuck at the end. Prism would definitely rise but not due to end consumer but mostly due to the 4 installments that would be incorporated in the prices by the end of the year. It is tricky to account for actual profit in Phase 9 because of installments and fines of late payments. Always account for installments and fines whilst selling if you are holding a position. I believe by the end of the year other than the incorporated installments anywhere between 7-15 lacs would be added in 1 Kanal plots.

• Phase 9 town is once again on the rise and there are two connotations to the rise. One is that it is still underpriced as there isn’t a plot with possession in all of DHA at this price in this location. Secondly due to a small number of Biyanas which have been a part of Phase 9 Town. This is one option I believe still has some juice in it. One a small investment you are looking at 25% gains by the end of this year which isn’t all that bad.

• Purchases
1. Purchased a plot of 1 kanal in F block
2. Purchased three 1 kanal plots in P block
3. Purchased a 9 town 5 marla plot in A block

• Sales
1. Sold a 5 marla plot in Phase 9 Town D block.
2. Sold a 5 marla plot in R block

A summary can be seen below in percentages for the average daily volume which has been 23 transfers in the month of November. These are estimates based on current transfers in DHA, Lahore.
(Source of information has been direct gathering of information from various sources)

Submitted by Umer Shehzad
MBA (Finance) Cardiff University (UK)
Mob: 00923208484630

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Why DHA 9 Town files are going down? any reason?

Capt Shahnawaz

Delay in development and construction of houses is generally attributed to the low prices of 9 Town.