Monthly Plot Sale Report DHA Lahore for December, 2016

Phase 6 Plots and Houses

  • This is the monthly plot sale report DHA Lahore for December, 2016. Phase 6 has seen fewer transactions than normal this month. The focus this year end has been on other phases of DHA. A few purchases were done in M block and a pair plot purchased in L block of Phase 6. However, end user and builders continue to build houses in Phase 6. A rarity of low priced or needy sellers is yet to be seen. End users of houses continue to procure their establishments.
  • Commercial plot was purchased in the new CCA 2 with purely investment connotation. This is the only area which still has the potential of growth in terms of investment. We have sold an 8 marla MB which I still believe is underpriced as far as the potential of the investment is concerned. MB on the main road would be a very good investment in the longer run.
  • Purchases
  1. One plot purchased in M block
  2. Pair plot purchased in L block
  3. One house purchased in F block
  • Sales
  1. Sold one plot in G block
  2. Sold one 8 marla MB on main road

Phase 7 Plots and Houses

  • Phase 7 plots have seen somewhat of a growth in terms of sales but this has had little or no effect on the prices of the aforementioned phase. The reason for this has been people with low investments who want to build their houses in the next few years once there is populous in and around the area continue to secure their piece of land. The prices might follow but it’d be rather slow unless an investor or two jumps in and takes the prices up just like the previous price hikes.
  • Purchases
  1. Purchased a pair plot in Y block
  • Sales
  1. Sold a plot one in CCA 4 of four marlas
  2. Sold one plot in Y block
  3. Sold one plot in Q block

Phase 8 Plots and Houses

  • The prices in Phase 8 have started going up due to the possession of S block on the 29th of December, 2016. People have started procuring plots and are doing biyanas. Prices of Phase 8 would see a comeback even in this slow market given some time.
  • Prices have seen a significant dip in commercials of Phase 8 especially Broadway. This would be the right time to jump in and secure a position as the commodities are underpriced. CCA 1 and CCA 2 on the other hand have been stable and would not give lucrative returns in terms of investment. The purpose of purchasing a position in Broadway would be to gain maximum returns as of now. Some blocks are favorite such as C block and prices are higher. Block won’t make that much of a difference when people start rushing in and the area gets populated. It is advised to buy only on front if you want brand exposure and want to build a plaza yourselves. Otherwise buy in B block back of main and others, secure a position in D block or A block only of those plots which are underpriced. Some people are still under shock or illusion that their plot is worth more than what the market price is right now.
  • Z block prices have gone down further and are now somewhat underpriced especially the commercials. I believe that this might be the right time to jump in to buy 10 marla, 1 kanal or 4 marla commercial. 5 marla has been relatively stable and people with holdings continue to pass this demise of prices in Z block at a stalemate.
  • Purchases
  1. Bought a plot in Z6 of 4 marlas
  2. Bought two commercial plots of 8 marlas in Broadway
  3. Bought a plot in U block
  4. Bought a standard plot in V block
  5. Bought another 2 kanal plot in X block
  6. Bought a 4 marla Park View file
  • Sales
  1. Sold a plot in Commercial broadway of 8 marlas in D block
  2. Sold a residential plot in Z5 block of 10 marlas
  3. Sold a commercial plot in Z1 block of 8 marlas

Phase 9 Plots and Houses

  • Prism has seen a significant dip in prices and I believe by summers would be at a higher price. Buy a plot only which is lesser than the market price so that you would lower your risk. Prism however, remains favorite for those looking for 5-7 years turnaround for their investments. Maximum yield for your money would be near possession in about 7-8 years’ time. It would be wise to secure a position now and sleep on it, if you have extra cash.
  • Phase 9 town has started going up as predicted. It’s still not too late to buy a plot in 9 town. I would strongly advise you to secure a position in 9 town in 5 or 10 marlas. The prices have started going up, people have started doing biyanas as well. Before the ship leaves the harbor I suggest you board it, in the end it’s only a small investment and might give as much as 25% returns in the next year or two.
  • Purchases
  1. Purchased a plot of 1 kanal in A block
  2. Purchased a 5 marla plot in R block
  3. Purchased a 9 town 5 marla plot in D block
  • Sales
  1. Sold a 10 marla plot in J block
  2. Sold a 5 marla plot in R block

A summary can be seen below in percentages for the average daily volume which has been 23 transfers in the month of November. These are estimates based on current transfers in DHA, Lahore.
(Source of information has been direct gathering of information from various sources)

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