MRA – May 2017 Property Market Report DHA Lahore

MRA – May 2017 Property Market Report DHA Lahore

Notice :  MRA (Monthly Real Estate Analysis) – May 2017 DHA Lahore Property Market Report is a general guideline and does not cover all aspects of the market. The real estate trends vary even within blocks of the same phase and for a layman it gets very complicated and confusing. You can however attend our real estate briefing and discussion sessions held every Friday 7 to 8 Pm to answer your queries in person .

Our discussion forum  is always open for real estate related questions and answers.

Present Market Condition

The prices stalled in Gwadar after the Govt decided to crack down on the sale and purchase of raw land and put all transfers on hold. Although the transfers are open now but it has shattered investors confidence and we are likely to see the prices in Gwadar to stabilize. This is important to mention here because it will bring back positivism in Lahore real estate sector.

The two most important factors that will drive DHA Lahore real estate market in next two months are foreign investments and lack of investor confidence in Gwadar. Therefore Lahore real estate market will flourish in next month and will favor sellers.

DHA Phase 1 to 5

Remains unchanged please see our previous month report.

DHA Phase 6

Phase 6  is the heaven of genuine buyers both in terms of commercial and residential investments.  The average prices of commercial plots has increased by 2 to 3 Million and residential by 0.5 to 1 Million and will probably take another jump in this month.

Prices in CCA 2 have increased by 2 Million on average.

Genuine buyer interest in MB commercials as told in April 17 report has boosted the prices up by 3 to 4 Million on front side. prices on the back of MB almost remains unchanged though.


a. Buy residential plots in DHA Lahore phase 6 if available at a lower price than the market. That will pay you off in a few months.

b. Good opportunity to buy commercial on Main MB in front of N and L Blocks of Phase 6 and P block of Phase 7.

DHA Phase 7

DHA Lahore Phase 7 continues to show positive trend because of housing demand. P.Q.R, S.T & U blocks are best suited for immediate construction of the houses.

The most recent development in terms of commercial is the launching of CCA 5 in T Block Phase 7. This has resulted in higher file prices which have gone up to 245 Lacs after taking a dip to 225 Lacs in April.

You can watch a video update of DHA Lahore Phase 7 on our website as well.


Same as last month

a. If you have limited budget buy a plot in Phase 7 to make a house.

b. Buying 4 Marla commercials files in DHA Phase 7  on dips towards 230 to 235 Lacs is a good strategy for short-term trade.

DHA Phase 8

DHA Lahore Phase 8 is showing signs of life because as per our report DHA has started to issue site plans of Phase 8 residential plots in certain sectors, we do not have complete details as of now but we will update you as soon as we get to know more. This will certainly help in uplifting or at least stabilize the falling prices of Phase  8 and as suggested in previous month this is the best time to move in and buy a residential plot.

Broadway commercial is receiving interest again, we do believe that this is the best commercial area fo investment  in DHA as of today. It is completely developed and in a couple of year swill become hub of genuine demand.

Ex Park view of Phase 8 is a great option for genuine buyers and the prices are still my favorite for a 2 Kanal plot. Reasonably good plot is available in almost 400 lacs and i believe it is the best area to buy a 2 Kanal plot in this price.

4 Marla commercial files of Ex Park View did not reach our target for 300 lacs in April , however we still have got May on our hand as per our calculation and we believe it will hit 300 Lacs this month.

Z Ivy green is expected to be a good opportunity for short term trading for next two months.

Keep your eyes and ears open for

a. Possession updates.


a. We strongly recommend to buy residential plots on dips for investment or if you wish to make your own house. or buy 10 and 5 Marla plots in Y block.

b. Buy 4 Marla Shivpur or Malikpur files in Phase 8 Ex Park View anywhere between 265 to 280 Lacs.

c. We will only recommend you to buy 4 Marla commercial between 300 to 500 Lacs and 8 Marla between 700 to 900 Lacs in good areas of Broadway.

DHA Phase 9 Town

Residential plots are seeing a bit of interest as the prices are on the lower end. It is a good opportunity to buy them at these prices.

4 Marla commercial came down to 290 Lacs before going up again and now trading safely at 310 to 315 Lacs. There are strong chances of balloting of 9 Town commercial files in this year so it will remain a good buy in 2017.


a. Surely a buy for mid term trade and enjoy a million or more in one year on just an investment of 5.5 Million.

b. We do recommend buying 4 Marla file at 300 Lacs in May as we believe that prices will go up in next two months.

DHA Phase 9 Prism

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Prism remains the best investment for short term trading and is rising steadily as more and more installments are paid. The difference in prices between army paid and civil paid plots is increasing with every new installment and therefore if you are buying a plot we recommend that calculate the prices as per cost of the land.  The number of transactions in 9 Prism remain highest in entire DHA.

Commercial prices are very high in 9 Prism at the moment and suggest that you sell them at these prices. What are you really expecting after buying a 4 Marla commercial plot in 5 crore at a location which is yet to develop and may take up to 5 years. It is much better to invest in residential plots rather than commercial for long term if you are determined to invest in 9 prism. Much better is that you invest that 5 crores in developed commercial areas as under:

  • Broadway Phase 8
  • MB Phase 6
  • Commercial files of Park View Phase 8 , Phase 7 , Rahber and 9 Town.
  • CCA 1 & 2 of Phase 6


a. Sell residential and Sell Commercial plots if the prices go higher than 15%.

B. We only recommend buying for short-term trades.

DHA Phase 10

A lot of fake buying activity for Phase 10 files is seen in the market in March in order to stabilize the prices. I will be patient and wait till it comes near 50 Lacs to make any investment.


a. It is better to wait a bit more before investing in Phase 10 files. The prices are going down from now on and i think best is to buy them if they reach 50 Lacs.

DHA Phase 11 Rahber

There was a lot of selling pressure on 4 Marla commercial files of Rahber but it did not go down rather stabilized at 196 Lacs. This month we believe that commercial files are expected to go up this month and should safely trade between 200 to 210 Lacs.

Keep your eyes and ears open for

a. Balloting news may push the prices higher but seems unlikely that we will hear any such news this month.


a. We only recommend buying 4 Marla commercial at 195 to 200 Lacs for a long-term investment.

b. The residential file is trading at 31 Lacs which is again not a very attractive price for investment.


Captain (Retd) Shahnawaz Yaqub Bhatti

Investment Consultant and CEO at Imlaak

Mob : +92 333 1717170 ( Whatsapp)

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Dear Capt, please guide, if I invest 3.5 Million in phase 11 halloki garden to by 5 marla residential plot for 1 to 1.5 year, as DHA site says, that development work is complete and electrification is going on. and your site says its possession will be available in 2018. so how beneficial this investment would be? Or suggest me any other avenue for investment of 3.5 to 4 Million in DHA.

Umer Shehzad

Dear Hassan,
it would be quite lucrative to procure a file of 5 marla and sell it once balloted it would give you around 25% returns in a very short span of 4-6 months.
Umer Shehzad


Very nice and much better analysis and suggestions than other website and whatsapp group ,infact people are copying your work by there name


Dha rahber balloting news are for in august this year. Hope it will push the commercial file ipto 250 alongqith ring riad inauguratin

Umer Shehzad

Dear Khalid,
it would definitely increase the price of the file once balloted. It is recommended to also procure a park view file as it’s ballot is around the corner as well.
Umer Shehzad


Sir many property Gurus are saying dha 10 file price will not go down from current level.

Further, price also stuck at current level for quite long time neither showing any sign to go down.

Would you please advise.