Rising Real Estate Of Gwadar

Investing In Rising Real Estate Of Gwadar

Investing In Rising Real Estate Of Gwadar

Gwadar is fast becoming the hub of real estate investments in Pakistan and there is no stopping it. What are the reasons behind the major price increase in first quarter of 2017 and will the trend continue?.  Let us take a closer look at the realities on ground and the reasons for recent spike in prices.

Reasons For Rise In Property Prices in Gwadar

  • Tax Amnesty :   The property taxes implemented by the Government in 2016 halted the growth of the entire real estate sector in Pakistan, including Gwadar and investors were very cautious to jump in Gwadar. Tax amnesty was announced by the Govt in December which gave a needed assurance to investors to continue buying real estate. The confidence started building and the  prices started to rise steadily after that.
  • Governments Resolve : A lot of questions on the completion and validation were raised when the project was launched, however with the passage of time investors are now much more confidant about Governments resolve for a successful completion.
  • Fast Paced Development : Government has started fast paced development works all across the country on the CPEC route and Gwadar itself.  This has further bolstered the investors confidence in the entire project. A revised mater plan is under process, port is operational and we may soon get some positive news about the new airport.
  • Killing Rumors : Recently GDA took a stricter stance against the rumors against societies such as Sanghar. A nation wide campaign was launched targeting the negative rumors against the Sanghar housing scheme. Following 3 steps were taken to bolster the investors interest in the Sanghar housing scheme:
    • Starting of development work in Phase 1.
    • Approval for the construction of a bridge from Marine drive directly to Sanghar housing scheme and releasing of finances for the said project.
    • Rejecting rumors about the possible acquisition of Sanghar housing scheme by the port authorities.
  • Gwadar As Winter Capital : Recently  Baluchistan Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Khan Zehri announced plans to restore the status of Gwadar as winter capital and directed all provincial departments to establish their offices there.
  • Real Estate Agents : Gwadar is seeing one of the biggest immigration by real estate agents. Real estate agents are the first to cash in on the newest and greatest opportunity in the history of Pakistan. Not only they bring investors along with them but they are also a reason for the increase in commercial activity in Gwadar. All these real estate agents who have moved to Gwadar need places to live, work and eat. This has given boom to the commercial and residential properties on airport road and New Town.
  • Green Palms Society : We may not be in favor of this society but the truth is that its success has given hope to the other society developers. The 200% increase in the prices of raw land can be partially attributed to the success of Rafi group’s Green Palms society.

How Long Will It Last

Like every investment cycle, Gwadar real estate will have ups and downs, this is the first noticeable spike in the real estate of Gwadar since the start of CPEC and this may just be the beginning. I do believe that there is a lot of room for the prices to go up, specially in following areas as they are the center of present commercial activity which is being sparked by real estate sector.

I have mentioned these areas as they are the only developed areas in entire Gwadar and all kinds of commercial and residential activity is bound to happen here. Therefore i believe that while investment bubbles in raw land or other non-developed areas may burst in a a couple of months, these developed areas i mentioned above will continue to see sustained genuine growth in near future.

Where Should You Invest

Considering the select areas, my order of priority for investment is as under :

  • Sanghar Housing Scheme as it is the safest, regulated and most secure society without any legal complications. It also benefits from the fact that it is the most secure area in Gwadar besides being its unique location. Sanghar housing scheme offers both residential and commercial plots suitable for all kinds of projects and hotels.
  • Airport Road Commercials are our second priority as they are the only ones where commercial activity is present as of today. The only reason that they are second to Sanghar is the because of irregularities and raw land issues.
  • Marine Drive Commercials are third in our list as we believe that these will be the next to develop commercial hub after airport road. The only reason for them to be in the third place is that presently there is no commercial activity and secondly irregularities in sale and purchase are the foremost concern.
  • New Town Phase 1 is the last but not the least in our list as it is the only place which can meet the rising residential requirements. Commercials of New Town  are also centrally located and will become the most sought after locations in near future.
  • Jinnah Avenue Commercials offer another opportunity however it is last on our list as it is under developed as of now.

Imlaak is exclusively dealing in Sanghar Housing Scheme as agents and brokerage. We also provide consultancy for other areas but only on special request and for an investment value of at least 50 Million and above.

Captain (Retd) Shahnawaz Yaqub Bhatti

Investment Consultant and CEO at Imlaak

Mob : +92 333 1717170 ( Whatsapp)

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Which area is suitable for business to set a factory of cotton

Abdur Rehman
Abdur Rehman

I need to know your views about king park housing society, Gawadar. If u compare it with Green Palm which one is suitable to invest.


Dear Sir, I want to purchase a plot in green palms Gwadar, project of rafi group. Is it right and reliable for future? Country’s conditions will not impact on our investment in gwadar? I have no such extra money and therefore I am very much conscious while taking any decision. please guide. thanks

Wasif Ali
Wasif Ali

Hello Arslan,

Please get in touch with me at 0324-4700024 as soon as possible. I believe i can help you make your investment decision and answer all your questions.


Sir your indepth insight on the subject is highly commenndable. what is your analysis in context of buying open land, i.e. Industrial or residential land, (industrial land particularly in general area adjacent to proposed cantonment land ) . Is it likely to yield positive returns, say in next 2 to 3 years time, considering long term investment ?

Jazak Allah.


Any reasons you didn’t talk about gwadar industrial estate ?


Thanks for the article. My question is do you think current dramatic price increase is going towards a bubble or this rate can sustain and less chances of going down. If its a bubble when expected that market can reverse?