Where to invest PKR 20 Million in DHA Lahore?

Where to invest 20 million in DHA Lahore?


In a series of articles this one would focus on investing 10-20 million primarily in DHA Lahore. Furthermore, this would help in making long, mid and short term decisions. This article where to invest 20 million in DHA Lahore will open up more avenues of investment for prospective clients. This would also help in gauging the end game of each particular investment. A mix and match strategy along with a single commodity strategy would help in diversifying the risk element of speculative return on investments.

  1. Phase 5 M block 1 Kanal

Phase 5 M block is under construction and they are constructing an underpass from A block to M block of Phase 5. The prevailing rate is 145-175 lacs and this is expected to cross 20 million after possession. This is a good investment but from living standards the roads are smaller. It’s a compromise location versus the infrastructure. A commercial CCA would be beneficial in times to come which is planned for M block. 1 Kanal option is very suited as the location is one of the top most in this surrounding.


  1. Phase 8 1 Kanal

Phase 8 1 Kanal options in X block, T block, S block are ideal for investment purposes. The prices in comparative basis have already crossed Phase 6 but the location and amenities planned would ensure the gap increases further between these two Phases. Phase 8 T and S block are preferable as you can get a plot at a better location comparatively. X block has an inherent problem of Village Chacho Wali, which if it were absent X block would’ve had the highest rates of Phase 8. S block also encapsulates a huge hospital which is going to be built inaugurated by General Raheel Sharif.


  1. Phase XI Rahbar 4 marla file

This option is one of the best especially for someone who is living on that side of the area adjacent to Wapda Town, Valencia etc. Very lucrative in times to come as the southern loop of the ring road would be completed in the near future. The ongoing rate of a developed commercial is at least 25%-30% on top of the ongoing file rate which means that along with the growth due to the infrastructure development of LDA another plus would be the ballot prices once the plot numbers are allotted. I believe this to be a very good option in times to come as Lahore continues to expand especially in that region where DHA Rahbar is situated.


  1. Phase 7 coupled with Phase 9 Town/ Phase 8 Y block

Another good option is that of Phase 7 only in blocks where the prices are relatively lower compared to the Phase 6 blocks. This means anything in S block, T block, U block, Y block, Z1 block and parts of Q block would be much more lucrative in terms of return on investment. With a good 25% ROI we can couple it with Phase 9 Town 5 or 8 marla plot which are underpriced at the moment or a 5 marla or 8 marla plot in Y block Phase 8 which are nearing possession and would give substantial returns.


  1. Phase 8 IVY Green 1 Kanal

Phase 8 IVY Green or Z block expects possession in a year to year and a half’s time. This means that the possession bubble would give us the best possible return in that time frame. This would mean that our exit strategy should be around the time when possession is announced and before the actual possession is given. Take advantage of the hype which would be created. We can couple this with various files such as Multan 1 kanal, Gujranwala 1 Kanal or Peshawar 1 Kanal.




PriorityOptionTime FrameProfit %Risk (Beta)
1Phase 7 with Phase 9/81 year35%2
2Phase XI Rahbar File 4m1.5 yearsBallot 40% non-ballot 25%5
3Phase 8 IVY Green with 1 Kanal file1.5 yearsPossession 40% non-possession 15%6
4Phase 5 M block1.5 yearsPossession 40 % non-possession 15%4
5Phase 81.5 years25%2


(Risk is on a scale of 1-10, where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest)


For further assistance and guidance feel free to call me between 11am to 7pm



Head Investment Consultant (Imlaak)

Umer Shehzad


MBA Finance (Cardiff University, UK)


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Where to get in touch with investors? Im looking for investment for multiple youtube channels.

Abrar Khalil
Abrar Khalil

what is the minimum plot rate in DHA phase 7 ?

Capt Shahnawaz

Dear Abrar, the min plot price for 1 kanal plot in Phase 7 is 100 Lacs.

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