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Invest in Fairways Defence Raya Commercial Plazas

Why to invest in Fairways Defence Raya commercial plazas in DHA Lahore

Once an investor targets an investment opportunity in commercial area, the first thing to be considered is a residential neighborhood around that area, it can be newly built or established residential area, but should have supporting educational facilities like elementary, middle and high schools. It is desirable to have nighttime entertainment facilities like cinemas, restaurants as well as recreational facilities such as golf courses, club houses, etc within this locality. The reason these elements are essential for commercial plazas success is because the ultimate flux of traffic would come from these nearby residential pockets. Size and life style of the residential neighborhood directly impact the demand and prices of the commercials in that area. Commercial area to be considered as target investment should be the central hub of this community. Today we will analyze Fairways Defence Raya commercial plazas being built in Phase 6 of DHA Lahore.

Locationlocation dha raya

Fairways Defence Raya commercial plazas in DHA Lahore are located right at the edge of the Raya Golf course with some commercial plazas facing Golf course while other on the junction of 150 ft wide Avenue 8 and Avenue 1, surrounded by Raya residential along the Golf course, with Phase 6 at one side and Phase 7 on other side. Fairways commercial plazas are also connected to Phase 8 via Avenue 1 which is basically extension of Broadway road of phase 8. This unique and strategic location of Fairways Defence Raya commercial plazas makes them a great investment opportunity as it ticks all the boxes and criteria’s mentioned above  for the lucrative investment opportunity in Commercial areas.

Latest Commercial Trends

In recent times change of preference in shoppers/households behavior is evident in Lahore especially when it comes to the choice of Commercial areas, as standalone commercial areas are becoming less popular, whereas commercial areas which are in close proximity to residential are getting more traction, data shows that once prime shopping hubs of Lahore e.g. Shopping plazas and malls in Liberty Market and Gulberg MM Alam road are all getting lesser and lesser foot prints. Multiple reasons can be attributed to this change, but one stand out cause of this decline is shoppers preference for more convenient and accessible high quality commercial areas and retail plazas within their own neighborhood. Urbanization has made city of Lahore segmented, and commute cost and time is something people also take into account now.

With Retail sectors continues to thrive and big brands sticking with their policy of continuous expansion, and up & coming brands also entering the retail arena, restaurants, food retail and eateries are also on rise demand for retail commercial plazas remain strong.

Fairways Defence Raya commercial plazas in DHA can be next big thing in coming years for all these prospective businesses.

Timelines for Maturity

DHA Phases 1-4 had been the face of DHA for almost three decades and one time considered as the most posh areas of Lahore along with Y block commercial market of phase 3 as the hub of commercial activity for many years as far as DHA commercial is concerned, but after prices touching all time high, in last 4 to 5 years momentum of activity has shifted to phase 5.

Phase 5 gained lot of traction initially but mainly for its residential sector. Even there housing prices and rate of home sales, new and existing, has probably peaked, and it’s not going to roll over and prices will remain stable for some time and then will gently decline. Civic commercial areas of phase 5 never really challenged the stronghold of Y block commercial market of phase 3, the reason being the layout of Phase 5 CCAs, they lack parking space, roads are not wide enough and with majority of plazas limited to 4 marlas, Commercial activity never really took off there and prime source of traffic also remain limited to the residents and scope of CCAs of phase 5 become more of a utility markets rather than true commercial markets which could be considered as retail and service sector hub.

Changing Dynamics of DHA Lahore

In next 3 to 5 years, dynamics of DHA Lahore both residential and commercial sectors are about to change completely. As Phases 1-4 of DHA are losing losing their attractiveness for investments and even for living purposes new buyers are moving towards newly built phases of DHA, gradually Phase 5 will also slowdown and growth will become stagnant eventually. And then all the eyes would be on newly built phases 6, 7 and 8 of DHA. In phase 6 around 50-60% houses are complete, construction of houses in Phase 8 and Phase 7 is also picking up. Out of these phases for Residential and living purposes Phase 8 will stick out, whereas for business activities

Commercial Plazas of Fairways Raya Defence Commercials  along with Phase 8 Broadway commercial area would be two most noticeable and promising commercials areas within DHA in coming years and will become regional Hub of business activity in DHA Lahore.

It’s very important to understand the strategic positioning of Broadway road and Avenue 8, how they are linked together via Avenue 1 and then connect to ring road. Broadway commercials of phase 8 are located right at the entry point of Phase 8 from the ring road whereas Fairways commercial are located on the 150 ft wide junction of Avenue 1 and Avenue 8 where phase 6 ends . Within these two points majority of phase 6 and phase 8 falls, total developed area of phase 6 and phase 8 proper is over 40,000 kanals. Here one can argue that there are CCAs within phase 6 and Phase 8 along with Mb commercials of Phase 6 to cater business and commercial needs of residents and outsiders, but important thing to understand is the location and Scope of CCAs vs Fairways Defence Raya commercials and Broadway Phase 8 commercials.

Fairways Defence Raya commercial plazas

Exclusivity, location and positioning of Fairways commercials make them a distinct investment opportunity. Total 120 commercials plazas of 8 marla size are offered by DHA, 30 commercial plazas are Golf course facing, 60 commercial plazas are parking facing and remaining 30 commercial plazas are Avenue 8 facing. All commercial plazas will have their own dedicated parking. A Five star hotel and condominiums are also in pipeline of DHA to be constructed near Fairways Commercial plazas. This idiosyncratic and remarkably great investment opportunity makes Fairways Commercial plazas stand out among other DHA commercials.

8 Marla Commercial Plazas Price Plan

Payment plan for Fairways Commercial is flexible and progression based, 30% down payment with remaining amount to be paid on stage of completion method.

  View                                                                                 price (Pkr)

Facing Golf course                                                             156,000,000

Facing Parking                                                                   136,000,000

Payment SchedulePercentage payable  %
Down Payment30
Basement wall & columns and ground floor slab10
Ground floor columns, mezzanine floor slab and first floor slab5
First floor columns and second floor slab5
Second floor columns and third floor slab5
Third floor columns and fourth floor slab5
Forth floor columns and roof slab5
Brick wall of the whole building10
Internal and external plastering5
Floor and wall finishes5
External façade of building including glazing10

* Installments will be paid as per work in progress

defence raya homes phase 3

Prices of 8 marla commercials in phase 5 is around 24- 27 crores depending on the location, now these are the CCAs of phase 5, where business activity never really flourished in all these years the way it was expected in spite of all price hype, the reason being the limited scope of CCAs which can never become the centerpiece of business activity like proper dedicated commercial areas. Prices of phase 6 and phase 8 Broadway commercials are right now around 10-12 crores.

Defence Raya Fairways commercial due to its strategic location and hassle free entry can expect traffic of customers coming from other phases of DHA and localities as well. Keeping in mind this strategic location advantage, exclusivity, potential customer base and current Market prices of other commercials in DHA, prices of Fairways commercials looks way undervalue, and a very conservative estimate would be a price appreciation of 60-80% in coming 3-5 years for Fairways commercial plazas.

Fairways Commercial plazas will be only commercials in DHA with Golf course view and customer base of phases 6, 7 and 8 of DHA Lahore.



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