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Why Real Estate in DHA Lahore went so high right after Pandemic?

Posted by [email protected]@ on November 15, 2020

The word “Panic” you all might be familiar with, so it happened right after the Pandemic news circulated throughout the world.

The richest made a Panic situation everywhere in the world resulting in emotional selling in every single Financial Market. The result was alarming which tumbled almost everything in the stocks exchanges.

This lead to Gold and silver Dumps as well, but who cashed in these moments?

Well, this is the main agenda why I am writing this, Front running by the richest and clever, buying back the panic sold items by retailers.

Real estate in Pakistan was least affected by this Pandemic and when things got under control it made significant Jumps in various Trending markets such as DHA Lahore Phase 6,7,8 and 9, Lake City, Park view, and many more, Same was the case with Gold and silver where Gold crossed it’s All-time High.

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So Our Research and Development center has an assumption that Real estate made a sharp move and that has three main reasons given below:

  1. Front running by the richest cashing in their wealth into the Real estate to prevent against high inflation.
  2. People who lost their “Jobs” and went back to Pakistan so they put their hard-earned money they have been making all those years abroad.
  3. The third main player was the Pakistan Government policy of black money introduction in the market.

Markets never keep the same trend; there are always healthy corrections in the market after any move. Real estate in D.H.A, Lahore is making a healthy correction and will be back stronger after some consolidation in the same regions for the next few weeks.

The common phenomenon of all markets is that whenever there is a swift up rally, there will be a larger degree of correction followed by it. Nothing goes up or down in a straight line, we have to accept the rule that there will be corrections in between the price movements. A Well informed Investor will always keep this in mind.

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If you ignore the above rule, your decisions will be emotionally driven and that can cost you a lot because you will always stay back from the front runners. You will be trapped chasing the pumps and dumps of the Markets which will eventually hurt your financial situation.

Imlaak purpose is to help its clients to make rational decisions with our daily market insights so we are always aware of the market, working 24/7 studying daily market psychology to stay ahead as always.

Our message to the Real estate community:

“Don’t chase the pumped markets buy-in between the corrections”

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