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Top 4 Houses on Installments in Lahore

Top 4 Options of Houses on Installments in Lahore

Demand for Houses on Installments in Lahore

Today we will discuss the landscape of houses on installments in Lahore. Due to unprecedented urbanization, there is a progressive increase in a population migrating to town and cities for the better opportunities and lifestyle. As a result cities like Lahore are growing horizontally and vertically. According to 2017 census population in Pakistan is growing by 2.4 percent per year, for urban areas growth rate is 2.7 percent. As per latest survey urban housing demand in Pakistan is 350,000 units per year, supply per year is about 150,000 units, therefore every year there is shortage of 200,000 units per year, over 80 % of this demand is from lower and middle income groups.

In these times smaller size houses like 5 Marlas, 7 Marlas which are offered on installment plans can become hot cakes. Flexibility of cash flows and limited availability of land in urban areas  made such small projects very attractive prospect for both genuine home buyers and investors as these projects mainly target middle income groups which are major chunk of population in urban cities nowadays.

Now we will undertake the holistic overview of the few of high demand projects of houses on Installments in Lahore.

1. Imlaak Homes


Imlaak is truly reinventing real estate; once again it is coming up with the unique proposition for the prospective investors and home buyers. Under the name of Imlaak developers, which is the construction division of Imlaak real Estate, launching a new housing project of 5 Marla houses name “Imlaak Homes” which offers distinctive features and benefits not only to potential home buyers of 5 Marla but also to potential investors. Imlaak homes is a housing project in DHA Lahore 9 Town. DHA 9 Town is located on Bedian road beside Asakri 11, is also a gateway to DHA phase 9 prism, a phase which is considered as one of the largest project of DHA.

Imlaak construction is led by Zubair Naseem, who has done civil engineering from UET and holds Master of Business Administration from NYU Stern School of Business. Zubair has over two decades of experience of working in construction and finance field.

Presently the model is restricted to only 5 Marla houses on installments but Imlaak developers plan to replicate this solution in 10 Marla & 1 Kanal plots along with other safe and secure societies in near future.

Business model propounded for Imlaak homes is very intriguing and not so common in Pakistan’s real estate. Under the arrangement Imlaak will take care of all the aspects related to the real estate, architecture, engineering and construction of the project. Process starts with the value assessment and selection of the plot by the home buyers for the construction of the 5 Marla house on installments.

The innovative solution offered by imlaak makes it our number 1 choice. No other scheme offers quality construction as offered by imlaak developers or the design and price variations. Being in an already developed society with possession available it is by far the most safest and secure investment you can make today”

Value Assessment and Plot Selection

Imlaak homes own large number of premium location plots in block A, B and C of the 9 Town DHA for there project of houses on installments in Lahore.  Firstly buyer will select the plot, and then Imlaak will come up with final price of the house which would include the construction cost of the house and accordingly devise an installment plan for the home buyers.


There are 3 elevation styles and lay outs available, by the name of Vogue, infinity and Elegance but home buyers can ask for further changes in lay outs and architectural designs if they feel so.

Quality of Construction

Imlaak and its team is fully committed to provide A – grade designer houses to its clients. Imlaak Homes management pledge to provide premium quality designer houses of 5 Marlas without any hassle on a Installment plan. Due to bulk construction and expert team, potential home buyers will benefit from the Imlaak constructions economies of the scale and expertise. Home buyers will not have to worry about project planning, construction or any legal issues. From scratch to a constructed house everything will be taken care by Imlaak. Imlaak believes in a radical transparency, throughout the life of a project, clients will be kept updated. Imlaak promises to deliver not only on time but will ensure high quality construction of the houses as well. From materials used in gray structure to the finishing, everything will be shared and communicated with the client. Imlaak Homes management vows to provide 1 year warranty for its construction quality.


Prices of 5 Marla plots in DHA 9 Town ranges between 65 lakhs to 90 lakhs. Imlaak homes own premium plots without any DP or pole in block A, B and C of DHA 9 Town.

Due to its unique solution the prices vary greatly depending on location, quality and duration of installment and you have a much larger choice of options depending upon your investment.


Imlaak homes management is completely flexible with installment plans. Prospective client of 5 Marla houses can have installment plan as per their needs. They can choose between 9 months, 12 months, 20 months, and 26 months installment plan with monthly or quarterly payments. There are 3 elevation designs and layouts which are offered by Imlaak homes, which can be further changed or modified as per  client demand.

Payment Plan

Prices of houses on installments in Lahore by Imlaak homes are directly linked to the location of the plots. They start from 130 lakhs.

Initially 25 % percent down payment is required. Standard payment plans for 5 Marla houses are for 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 20 months and 26 months but can also be tailored if requested by prospective client as per their needs with monthly and quarterly payments.

Safety of Investment

Imlaak real estate is one of the most renowned and trusted name when it comes to the DHA real estate consultancy or brokerage. Imlaak homes will construct houses in DHA 9 Town. Investments in plots or projects which are carried out in DHA are the safest real estate investments in Pakistan’s real estate. So one should not have any doubts while investing in DHA 9 Town and opting for Imlaak real estate services.

Lets hear from CEO of imlaak real estate about the safety of your investment.

2. Defence Raya houses

Defence Raya homes is a unique opportunity to invest in DHA Lahore, and offers houses on installments in Lahore located in DHA Phase 6.  It offers only 1 and 2 Kanal homes facing Golf course view in the Phase 3. Defence Raya launched the Phase 1 of its homes project consisting of 10, 14, 20 and 40 Marla houses in 2008 and handed over possession in 2011. Phase 2 of Defence Raya homes was launched soon after and possession has been handed over as well. In 2017 Defence Raya launched phase 3 of homes consisting of 1 and 2 kanal houses along with commercial plaza project by the name of fairways commercial.


The price are as under :

1 Kanal Villa                          6742 Sqft                        58.000.000 PKR

1 Kanal Villa                          6742 Sqft                        59.200.000 PKR

1 Kanal Villa                          7492 Sqft                        60.200.000 PKR

1 Kanal Villa                          7492 Sqft                        61.200.000 PKR

2 Kanal Villa                          11146 Sqft                      110.300.000 PKR

Quality of construction

Phase 3 of DHA Raya homes offers you to simply buy the house as a grey structure and can finish it as per your desire and if that is not enough you can just design it all yourself.


The designs provided by the developer are good, however if you are not satisfied you can actually redesign it completely at a very low cost. This project is unique as no other projects of houses on installments in Lahore offer installment plans for homes built on a golf course.


Defence Raya does offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to design variations and permission to only buy the grey structure. However in terms of installment plans the company does not offer any variations.

Safety of investment

One thing you do not need to worry about at all because of the involvement of DHA Lahore.

3. Dream Gardens


Dream Gardens is another project offering houses on installments in Lahore. It is a project by Izhar Mannoo Group located on Defence road, 1.5 Km off Raiwand road, Bhoptian chowk. Dream garden is offering both houses and residential plots on installment plans. Dream Gardens phase 1 has been a huge success. Now they are offering plots and constructed houses in phase II.

One of the major strength of Dream Garden is security, it’s a completely gated society with 3 entry/exit points, two from Defence road and one from Bahria Town Nargis block. Secondly its land is completely acquired and owned by Izhar Mannoo Group unlike other small housing societies which often have disputed areas.

Neighborhood is all about proximity of amenities i.e. amusement parks, public transport, railway stations, quality of schools, Universities. Dream Gardens fulfilled all of these requirements. Apart from Main Park, there are parks and open areas in every block. A botanical garden has been established over 10 kanals. Lahore’s top universities and Schools are found in its surrounding. Orange line station is also very accessible along with other readily available public transport. All these factors make Dream Gardens location very approachable and convenient. Roads are also very wide and spacious.


Prices for residential plots of 5 Marlas start from 55 lakhs and go upto 80 lakhs. Like vise prices for 5 Marlas houses range between 130 lakhs and 150 lakhs. Beside 5 Marlas, Dream Garden is also offering plots and houses for 7, 10, 20 and 30 Marlas respectively.

Payment Plan for residential Houses

Area (Marla)Price (PKR)30% Down Payment36 Monthly Installments12 Quarterly installments5% on Possession

Quality of Construction

Construction quality of houses in Dream Gardens is relatively of good quality as compared to other ready built turnkey homes, being Construction Company themselves Izhar Mannoo group ensured overall a good quality houses. In phase 1 there were few instances of quality lapses but in Phase 2 of Dream Gardens, Izhar Mannoo group is not leaving any stone unturned.


Dream Gardens House will comprise of 3 beds, 3 bathrooms, a powder room, kitchen, terrace, dining, lounge, porch and a store room.


Installment plans for houses can be tailored to some extent but overall installment plan cannot exceed 36 months. But there is no flexibility as far change in designs and layouts of the houses is concerned. Prospective home buyers have to stick with, whatever been offered or else have to bear cost themselves for any changes they want from developer.

Safety of Investment

Izhar Mannoo group is a renowned group, which has delivered in past, phase 1 has been a success story there should be no doubt regarding the safety of investment.

Watch a small documentary of Dream Gardens below.

4. Paragon City Lahore


Paragon city is located off Barki road parallel to the airport road, opposite to residential area of DHA phase 8 also offers houses on installments in Lahore. It’s a society which has seen lot of growth in short span of time. It is a newly built society with a good location to reside in a great community. Paragon City Lahore consists of houses, Schools, colleges, hospitals, shopping malls, well maintained parks and entertainment centers. It is stretched over thousands of acres of land that is decorated with green belts broad carpeted roads. The project is planned with modern housing standards. Moreover, it has its own a grid Station which can provide sufficient amount of electricity to its residents with no electricity shortfall.

Paragon city is also offering 4,4.5 and 5 Marlas houses in block Woods and Imperial II.


Prices of residential plots of 5 Marlas in block Woods and Imperial II ranges between 45 lakhs to 60 lakhs.

Payment Plan for residential Houses

1 year plan
SizeTypeNet Price30% Down payment12 monthly installments10% on possession
5 Marlawith 1 kitchen11,500,0003,450,0005750001,150,000
5 Marlawith 2 kitchen11,750,0003,525,000587,5001,175,000

Quality of Construction

Construction quality of houses in Paragon city has been the matter of discussion for some time now, there has been mixed reviews as far construction quality is concerned. Lately practices of management of Paragon City are in question regarding acquiring and owning of land and building houses on them.


Paragon city has been offering fairly standard designs for their installment houses in Lahore, a typical house comprise of 3 beds 3 bathrooms, a powder room, kitchen, terrace, dining, lounge, porch and a store room. Only difference is number of kitchens. In type 1 there is 1 kitchen and in type 2 there are 2 kitchens.


Installment plans for houses can be tailored as per personal preferences; overall installment plan cannot exceed 24 months. But there is no flexibility as far change in designs and layouts of the houses is concerned.

Safety of Investment

Since 2017 Paragon City’s top management business practices and integrity is under scrutiny. For future investments prudent approach should be adopted.

Houses on installments in Lahore Research and analysis by 

Arslan Gondal

Project Director imlaak

+92 345 8508025

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