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Gwadar Property Investment Gwadar Overview  Pakistan purchased the small town of Gwadar from Oman in 1958, but did not begin work on the port until 2002. Gwadar is a deep warm-water harbor 470 kms away from Karachi and an ideal place for a new outlet to the Indian Ocean. China provided US$198 million for the first phase of the port, which was completed in 2006,

Sangar Housing Scheme

Sangar housing scheme is the premium residential scheme of Gwadar, it is located on the top of Koh-e-Batil (Hammerhead) . It is a beautiful housing society because it is surrounded by the sea from all 4 sides and offers you mesmerizing views. It was announced in late 90’s for the locals of Gwadar but after the project of CPEC the entire area was reclaimed


Jinnah Avenue Commercial

Jinnah Avenue commercial is located on both sides of the Jinnah Avenue starting from New Town Gwadar to coastal highway . Jinnah Avenue is a 300 Ft main boulevard of Gwadar and will serve as the artery after development of Gwadar as all the avenues of residential area converge on it.  Presently Jinnah Avenue commercial can be divided in two parts as under: New

Marine Drive Commercial

Marine Drive Commercial High Rise Marine drive commercial high rise is located all along the beach side in front of the residential areas of Gwadar. Commercial plots are available on the residential side of the Marine drive facing sea. Size Plot size varies from  1000 yards to 2 Acres and more. Price Prices decrease as we move away from Jinnah Avenue intersection. Average Plot price

Airport Road Commercial

This road is completely constructed 200 Ft wide , it is the only road presently linking old Airport with the city and thus very significant. All the present developments and commercial activities are mostly restricted to this road. These are not high rise commercial and presently ground plus 1 is permitted to be constructed. If you are looking for immediate rental propositions than this

New Town Gwadar

New Town Gwadar Presently New Town Gwadar is the only developed society in Gwadar. Plots and houses are available for sale and rent as well. The society is regulated by GDA itself and offers a lot of investment opportunities in terms of residential plots and commercial plots. New Town also has sea facing high rise commercial plots which come before the Marine drive .

Industrial Zone Gwadar

Industrial zone of Gwadar is located between the Coastal and Balochistan Highways, it has huge potentials of investment in terms of open land. Size Plots of 1 to 100 Acres pr more are available for sale. Prices Prices increase near the main roads 1 Acre plot averages between 7 Lacs to 20 Lacs on availability. Potential When the port develops the first thing that will be

Open Land Gwadar

Open land is available on very low rates in various areas of Gwadar. It is considered as one of the best investments as it allows you to buy huge chunks of land at very minimal costs. Land inside the master plan is a bit more expensive than the land outside outside master plan. Buying open land in Gwadar requires an in-depth knowledge , farsightedness

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