Dream Gardens Lahore

  • Project of izhaar monoo developers.
  • Installment houses & plots.
  • Hassle free procedure.
  • Market competitive prices.
  • Sports complex.
  • Community center.
  • Underground electrification.
  • Botanical gardens.


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Dream Gardens Overview

Dream Gardens Lahore is a housing project By Izhar Monnoo Developers spanning over 4000 kanals. Phase 1 was announced in 2011 over an area of 900 kanals and it was completed in 2014, 1.5 years before the timeline. Phase 1 is a successful story and over 300 families are currently living there. Phase II is planned on an area of 1600 kanals and remaining area is for Phase III.


Dream Gardens is located on Defence road, 1.5 Km off Raiwand road, Bhoptian chowk. It is completely gated society with 3 entry/exit points, two from Defence road and one from Bahria Town Nargis block. Dream Gardens Main Boulevard connects with Bahria town via Nargis block.

Phase 1

Dream Gardens phase 1 is a huge success. Izhar Mannoo not only fulfilled its commitments but also delivered Phase 1 before time. Phase 1 has plots ranging from 3 Marlas, 5 Marlas, 8 Marlas to 20 Marlas.

Phase 1 launching prices were around 2500,000 for 5 Marlas and within 4 years price has appreciated by over 150 %, this is also an evidence for strong demand in this area for good housing projects.

Commercial area of phase 1 is also picking up activity as more and more retail and grocery stores are opening up, Muslim Commercial bank has already acquired a place there and planning to built one of its regional branch. Pak Turk School branch has been operating for sometime; it’s one of the leading schools of the Lahore, 50% fee is waived off for the residents.

Phase II

Dream Gardens land for phase II is completely acquired and owned by Izhar Monnoo group there is not a single inch which is in dispute, unlike other housing societies which often has small pockets of villages and disputed areas.

There is old saying that there are three factors that determine the value of property Location, Location, Location. When determining value of property, location is considerably far more important than what the property is.

Factors to evaluate Location are as follows:

  1. Neighborhood
  2. Accessibility

Neighborhood is all about proximity of amenities i.e. amusement parks, public transport, railway stations, quality of schools, Universities and intangible elements like perception of security in the surroundings. Dream Gardens fulfilled all of these requirements. It is completely gated society and has more parks than any other society of similar size. Apart from Main Park, there are parks and open areas in every block. A botanical garden has been established over 10 kanals. Lahore’s top universities and Schools are found in its surrounding. Orange line station is also very accessible along with other readily available public transport. All these factors make Dream Gardens location very approachable and convenient. Roads are also very wide and spacious. Most roads are 60 and 40 feet wide, even where plots are of 5 Marla, roads width remains over 35 feet. Main Boulevard is of 150 feet wide.


Dream gardens are offering both residential plots and constructed houses as per following payment plan

Payment Plan Residential Plots and Residential Houses (PHASE II)

Payment Plan Residential Plots and Residential Houses (PHASE II)

Area (Marla) Net Price 30% Down Payment 36 Monthly Installments 12 Quarterly installments 5%   on Possession
5 5,408,000 1,622,400 97,644 292,933 270,400
7 7,571,000 2,271,300 136,699 410,096 378,550
10 10,043,000 3,012,900 181,332 543,996 502,150
20 17,510,000 5,253,000 316,153 948,458 875,500
30 26,265,000 7,879,500 474,229 1,422,688 1,313,250


Area (Marla) Accommodation Covered area (Sq feet) Price (PKR) 30% Down Payment 36 Monthly Installments 12 Quarterly installments 5% on  Possession
5 3 bed + 3 bath + PR +SQ 2,088 12,935,000 3,880,500 233,549 700,646 646,750
7 3 bed + 3 bath + PR +SQ 2,425 16,313,000 4,893,900 294,540 883,621 815,650
10 3 bed + 3 bath + PR +SQ 3,078 21,139,000 6,341,700 381,676 1,145,029 1,056,950
20 4 bed + 4 bath + PR +SQ 4,902 35,182,000 10,554,600 6,35,231 1,905,692 1,759,100
30 5 bed + 5 bath + PR +SQ 5,314 45,421,970 13,626,600 820,119 2,460,358 2,271,100

Contemporary Vogue Design


Contemporary Design

Spacious Infinite Design

Spacious Infinite

Infinite design

Luxury Elegance Design

Luxury Elegance

Elegance design

Expert Analysis

Location (9/10)

Dream Gardens is located at a very premium place just next to the Comsat University Campus Lahore on Defence road, 1.5 km off Defence road.

Dream Gardens scores 8 out of 10 marks for the selection of the location.

Design and Layout (10/10)

Dream Gardens is a well designed housing project planned over 4000 Kanals. Phase 1 is completely developed and sold. Phase II is currently under development. A lot of effort has been put into the designing of the project, its roads are extremely wide and spacious, with dedicated parks and open areas in every block. Houses build by Izhar Monnoo developers are also of premium quality offering contemporary luxurious lifestyle.

10 out of 10 for Dream Gardens score in this area

Amenities (10/10)

Dream Gardens has Community center, a dedicated botanical garden and sports complex for the residents. Turk Park School is also operational with 50 % fee waived off for the residents. A completely walled society with 24/7 security.

We will give 10 out 10 to the developers for these awesome amenities.

Pricing and Buying plans (8/10)

This is certainly something we are deeply impressed with it, the prices are very reasonable and competitive especially keeping in the mind scale and quality of offerings by the developers.

Apart  from basic 36 months plan, developers are flexible regarding payment schedule and one can get his payment plan tailored as per his/her needs. By making 100 % upfront payment one can get up to    15 % discount. Likewise with 50% upfront payment up to 7 % discounts is available.

9 out of 10 for Dream Gardens.

Marketing Strategy (8/10)

Dream Gardens is marketed by Zameen.com. One of the biggest name in real estate. Imlaak is also a name known for its radically transparency, is a associate partner in this project. We believe marketing strategy adopted by marketers are resulting in gaining lot of traction for the project.

10 out of 10 in this area

Resale Value (9/10)

As far as resale values are concerned, we are very optimistic and bullish and firmly believe prices will continue rising as development work approaches completion. Phase 1 can be a blue print in this regard, as prices already appreciated their by over 150 % since its development.

9 out 10 for Dream Gardens.

Developers (10/10)

 Do we really need to talk about this, Izhar Monnoo Developers are one of the most trusted and reputed name in the field of construction and housing societies projects. We strongly believe investment made in Dream Gardens is completely safe and will reap profits in years to come.

10 out of 10 for Dream Gardens.

Overall score 95 % (94/100)

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