Why phase 5 M block not good?


People strongly recommend buying in dha phase 9 J block which is isolated from remaining sectors but closest to ring road. Prices for prism J have also risen quite a bit. Actually a hot cake right now coz people can afford 10 marla easily.

From the map itself, dha phase 5 M block seems to be in similar position but returns are said to be bad. Why M block investment is discouraged? What’s wrong with it?

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Dear Ehsan,

Their are a lot of factors involved in determining the prices of any block or particular sector of real estate. Most of the analysis we give are on comparison basis and not in isolation. When we compare M block we mostly compare it with other blocks of phase 5 or phase 6 as it is close to both of them.

Real estate investment any where will pay you back, the prices of M block will rise as well , but in comparison to its competitors it will remain an underdog.

As for J block  it is located next to Ferozepur road which is a main artery of Lahore and therefore easy accessibility has a role to play in the higher plot prices.

Jazak Allah

  • Ehsan
    thanks for the response
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Dear sir,

Property factors are different for different areas. M block investments have yielded low returns because of the location of M block. Similarly when people advise you to buy in J block it’s a different perspective. M block doesn’t have populous around it and the areas around it are low priced in general. J block on the other hand falls on the other side of Ferozpur road which has a higher price in comparison. Therefore, the potential is greater than M block as far as percentage profit is concerned. A high priced commodity surrounded by a low priced area compared to a high priced commodity surrounded by a relatively higher priced general area would obviously yield higher returns.

I hope that answers the question.

warm regards,


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