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Capt sb. Hope you are fine & good in health. Just seen your video about PRISM 9. You & your team did excellent job in this regard keep it up. Yes in my opinion PRISM Seems to be future of DHA LAHORE.
My question to you is their are various pockets & especially sarkari road network in PRISM connected to various villages & Badian road. How will they will be removed as their is no such indication of these roads & pockets in the map of PRISM 9. Will these pockets & old Sarkari roads will be removed before possession.
My second question to you is when all civil development charges will be paid by civilian till Nov 2018. How will they effect Army paid plots. I hope you understand my question.
All dues clear plot Vs. Army installment paid plot which is very less.
Thank you
Awating reply soon.

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Sarkari roads still exist in Phase 7 so i dont think so those will be cleared any time soon.

The second part of your question regarding army paid plots after Nov 2018 depends on DHA Policy if DHA demands that 100% development charges should be paid upfront during transfer which is usually what DHA does than there will be no price difference between both kind of plot prices.

Jazak Allah

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