Calculation of CGT on constructed house.


How CGT will be calculated (using FV/DC or by using actual proceeds) if I buy 5 maral plot in DHA phase 6 and sale it after constructing a house. Plz guide. for example.
Plot Cost RS= 8,000,000
Transfer/Misc charges= 300,000
Construction Cost= 5,000,000
Sale price = 15,000,000

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Advance Income Tax (adjustable) on purchase of immovable property under Section 236-K increased from 1% to 2% for tax filers and from 2% to 4% for non-filers
Advance Tax (adjustable) on sale of immovable property under Section 236-C increased from 0.5 to 1% for filers and from 1 to 2% for non-filers
Capital Gains Tax (CGT) has undergone two major changes in terms of time frame and fair market valuation of sale price, which are summarized below:
a) CGT will be levied at the rate of 10% of difference between the fair market value at the time of sale and purchase if the property is sold within 5 years of its purchase.

b) Fair Market Value: The Finance Bill has inserted a sub section in Section-68 wherein the concerned Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) officer can refer a certain property for its fair valuation to valuators approved by State Bank of Pakistan. To this effect, State Bank has already issued relevant notification along with its approved list of valuators. Secondly, the Finance Bill specifically mentions that the current Deputy Commissioner (DC) rates do not bind FBR to use it as reference for property valuation. It is important to mention that under the Income Tax Ordinance, Deputy Commissioner had valuation powers but due to certain reasons, these powers were inoperative and consequently DC rate was used and accepted by FBR as the sale price for any property.

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