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DHA Residential Files Analysis

Posted by Capt Shahnawaz on February 28, 2017

DHA Residential Files Analysis

This article would focus on 1 kanal residential files available in different cities of Pakistan namely Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Gujranwala, Bahawalpur. Primarily 1 kanal files would be the focus of this article. As we all know that the prices of these files have increased in the past few months. DHA Residential files analysis would focus on helping you make informed decisions regarding your investments in various files. We have noticed different trends in files of different cities which are discussed below.

  1. Peshawar DHA 1 Kanal file

Peshawar has seen little or no increase in the past few months. The file stands at 51-52 lacs as of February, 2017. The reason Peshawar has seen little ROI is because it was initially launched at a higher price of 42 lacs compared to the other files. The location however, is premium and near the city. The expected ROI is far greater compared to any other DHA 1 Kanal file.

Peshawar itself has a high purchasing power and you can expect two to threefold return on investment in the upcoming years. Peshawar in my opinion is still underpriced compared to the potential it holds. There are various reasons for this e.g. Peshawar amongst all other DHAs has a high purchasing power altogether. The ballot is expected in the next one to one and a half year. Another potential gain in this file is that it hasn’t gained much in price therefore, there’s that potential of a good profit which this file incorporate within itself.

  1. Multan DHA 1 Kanal file

Multan DHA is very ideally situated, adjacent to the main Bosan Road in Multan on college road. The location is one of the prime locations in Multan with easy accessibility. Multan has risen and has almost doubled in the past one to one and a half year. This would continue going up. The reason for the sudden rise that Multan is launching installment files in the near future. The expected rate for the file would be around 65 lacs. This would mean a jump in the prices of full payment files which is being reflected as of now. Multan DHA has acquired all the land and on top of that most of the land is clear as well. That is another major reason people prefer Multan. It is the capital of South Punjab. The ballot is long overdue and you can expect it anytime this year.

  1. Gujranwala DHA 1 Kanal file

Gujranwala DHA is adjacent to Rahwali Cantt area of Gujranwala where the prevailing rate is 4-5 times higher compared to Gujranwala. Two major reasons for the rise in Gujranwala file are the increase in the price of raw land and secondly DHA would offer files of 2 kanals per acre compared what they were offering before which was almost 20% higher than the current offering. This would mean that the file would start trading at 60-65 lacs in the near future once the implementation of the new settlement of DHA with landowners/investors takes place. Gujranwala is in close proximity to Lahore which in turn would mean that buying power of both cities combined would surely increase the prices of Gujranwala.

  1. Bahawalpur DHA 1 Kanal file

Bahawalpur file is a good buy for a short term trade. The long term holding might not be as fruitful as other DHAs. For people with lesser budget Bahawalpur file is a very good buy, not because you run out of options as you have 10 marla Gujranwala which is cheaper but at least it’s a Kanal that you can afford. I believe Bahawalpur might take longer time to develop than other DHAs in different cities but it might eventually turn out to be a good investment if you are looking to hold it for a longer period of time. Bahawalpur short term trade has been the most fruitful amongst all other files. The rates fluctuate based on supply and demand and it also follows suit. You can buy a Bahawalpur file whenever other files go up as it is the last one to add a price increase. When others increase Bahawalpur remains stable for a while and that is the time to buy and once value addition is done you can sell it. A month’s trade might save you up to 4-5 lacs which is not bad at all with a minimum investment.

  1. DHA Phase X 1 Kanal file

DHA phase X files are being sold in the market at a price of 56-57 lacs as of February, 2017. Prism would take another 3-4 years before DHA announces possession. This in turn means that you can expect the ballot of Phase 10 not before 2020. DHA is acquiring land at the moment and it’d take another 1.5-2 years for the acquisition to be complete. I believe it would not be as profitable as other 1 kanal files of various cities. The reason being that the waiting period is far longer than any other 1 kanal file of other cities. The rates might go up with time but the return on investment might not be good, the profit percentage might be on the lower side. Another risk you are taking is that if the availability of files increases exponentially at one time the rate might plummet but that would be the real buying time for short to medium term profits.

Feel free to contact me regarding suggestions and solutions for your investment.


We hope DHA residential files analysis would help you in making an informed decision. Feel free to contact our agents or the author of this blog. I prioritize the following files in the order given below:

  1. Peshawar
  2. Multan
  3. Gujranwala
  4. Bahawalpur
  5. Phase X Lahore

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Salam, I just read your article now …how have things changed in past 12 months? the priority list that you recommended remains unchanged or you would advise otherwise?


Can DHA peshawar files be bought in Lahore?


Yes, just let us know and we will get it done for you.

Jazak Allah


thank you sir. Appreciated.


Is there a Peshawara transfer chapter in DHA Lahore office or one has to go to Peshawar for transfer?


No, it has to be transferred in Peshawar. It is not Lahore Chapter.


A very practical analysis would appreciate if analysis be done for 10 marla and 5 marla residential file.

Umer Shehzad

Dear sir,
As 10 marla full paid file is only available in Gujranwala therefore, the element has been skipped. Regarding 5 marla and 10 marla file your options are 5 marla phase 7, 10 marla phase 5, 10 marla phase 6, 5 marla phase 9, 5 marla phase 9 town, 5 marla rahbar, 10 marla gujranwala, 10 marla bahawalpur on installments, 10 marla peshawar on installments. This article covers the majority of investment in 1 kanal files. For smaller files it’s advisable you contact me on my number. We are not a fan of installment files as I don’t see any purpose in paying own/profit on files therefore, we do not deal in installment files. Analysis would be done in future IA.
Jazak Allah


What about 10 Marla File in Lahore there is a good demand of 10 marla plot in DHA Peshawar and Gujranwala buying 10 marla file would be beneficial?

Umer Shehzad

It’s advisable to buy 10 marla in Gujranwala than paying a premium on installment file of Peshawar. I’d advise going for a 10 marla Gujranwala file. For further assistance feel free to contact me on my number.

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