DHA Phase 8 plots

DHA phase 8 Plots

When British came to the sub-continent, they considered it as golden sparrow, they might have taken the riches along with our precious diamond Koh-e-noor, fortunately they couldn’t occupy the land much longer leaving behind the area which consists of DHA phase 8 plots Lahore.

Phase 8 Broadway commercial

What do we see when we look at DHA phase 8 Lahore map. 6 residential blocks, and a commercial hub.
Travelling from the ring road exit, you will first come across through the commercial Broadway. At present we can derive from the buildings constructed,
1. Development.
2. Extra floors.
3. Activity.
In fact commercial broad way has different aspects from main boulevard phase 6. This area is designed for shopping outlets and various MNC’s. According to our sources, Nishat linen, Bareeze, Warda, Sufi and Gloria Jeans have already bought commercial land in this area.
Now what makes this area the focal point of DHA phase 8 plots. We have mentioned before about the access to this zone, as it directly connects Lahore ring road and Ghazi road which links Lahore cantt and from the East it connects from phase 6. The plus point of this commercial broad way is that, it consists of buildings with 7 floors for construction, allowing more benefit for rental purposes.
There are 4 commercial blocks, from A to D. With C and B having the most parking area, holds its specific place. Having large parking area is a core factor to be considered when making your transaction for commercial property.
If you magnify B Block, you will notice the parking at the front, such as in DHA Y Block phase 3,but there is a huge difference. DHA Y Block buildings have construction only up to 4 floors, where as phase 8 commercial broad way has construction up to 7 floors including the basement.

Just for the sake of curiosity, the transaction amount for commercial A block 8 marla is from 67.5 million up to 85 million depending on the location of the plot. Where as in D block which is non-possession 4 marla starts 35 million up to 40 million and will surely be gaining more in 1-2 years.

  Moving on to the main road, there exists V-Block on the right and U opposite to your left. The plus point for these blocks in DHA phase 8 plots is that, they are comparatively secure and follows the requirements of community living.
Travelling down the road towards V and U block, whether higher or lower region of the transmission line.

We can notice, there are only 3 exits leading to the residential and commercial area of these sectors, which in terms shows, the traffic flow in the blocks would be mostly consisting of the residents, much safer and secure environment for families, not to forget underground electricity wiring prevents your vision from getting entangled between the wires.

Another factor about these blocks are the higher amount of mosques and parks present in them comparatively to the previous phases ranging from 1-7 and their respective blocks. Each block has almost 2-3 mosques planned to build a better community for a progressing Islamic state of Pakistan. More parks equals to higher concentration of breathable space, jogging tracks, swings for children, now doesn’t this all makes sense.

From kindergartens to colleges, DHA has surely planned, managed and made a community living environment for you to interact, learn and grow. The more I count the less it becomes. Looking on to the leisure activities, the huge community clubs, along with a Cineplex and sports complexes are an escape from the daily life chores.

Going down the road towards phase 6 exit, crossing W,T and X block. These blocks share the same attributes as V and U block, apart from the transmission line. Note that these blocks consists of 1kanal and 2kanal plots with a limited amount of 5marla present in X block. These blocks have main boulevard across the main road. Which means the easy access to official, leisure and daily life needs.

At the northern side T block stretches towards S block which run besides the Burki road, hence connecting Lahore cantt and ring road. The distinctive feature about S block is that, it contains a medical city consisting on 200kanal and another 200kanal joint venture project.

On the southern side Y block phase 8, which is distant from the above mentioned blocks, this block is located across the ring road, and will surely take more than 5 years to develop. As the plots are much deeper for residential construction to take place. These DHA phase 8 plots consists of 5marla and 10marla plots as well.

Moving down the 120feet road across the S block over the Burki road. For a travel distance of 2km, you’ll come across phase 8 IVY green, which consists of six blocks from Z1-Z6, situated on the right. The add on feature about Ivy green is that it consists of a large amount of 5marla and 10marla plots compared to the other blocks.

This was a brief overview of Phase 8, I’ll be mentioning about ex-park view and air avenue in our upcoming blogs. This overview must have developed some understanding about the location. For more information regarding DHA phase 8 plots you may read Broadway phase 8 commercial investment in focus. Invest smart, gain alot!

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Very good and concise information.

Hina Ahmed
Hina Ahmed

Very nice and nearly put. Please update on Phase 9 as well.
Thankyou Imlaak

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