DHA Peshawar files balloting

DHA Peshawar Files Balloting and its Impact

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DHA Peshawar Files Balloting and its Impact

The much-awaited moment for a new chapter of DHA Peshawar in KPK is finally coming to a showdown. Balloting of DHA Peshawar files is going to happen on 25th Dec 2017 as per official announcement. This will once again open a new zone for real estate trading in Peshawar. DHA Peshawar files balloting and its impact is not only seen in Peshawar but also in other cities of the country, where investors have purchased them in hopes of a profitable trade.

With the launching of DHA Peshawar chapter, DHA has already attracted a large number of investors. Instead of getting dragged away by the market hype, you must critically analyze the gravity of the situation.
Before you proceed, I want you to ask yourself these questions, is it safe enough to invest in files? Have people ever took profits by investing in DHA files after balloting?

Is DHA in KPK a need?

A large proportion of Pakistan army officials belongs to KPK, their culture, traditions, and their affiliation lies in their home town. Before this chapter of DHA Peshawar, these Army officials were allotted plots mostly in Punjab, Sindh and Baluchistan which consists of 5 cities in which DHA is operating.

The introduction of DHA Peshawar has provided these army officials with opportunity of trading real estate in their hometown, and Peshawar no doubt is the most revenue generating city in KPK.

With the introduction of CPEC and elimination of terrorism by 43% according to Counter Terrorism Department(CTD) as mentioned in Tribune. This elimination of terrorism has begun to show effective results on the economy, deriving investors, multinational companies and firms towards developed cities.

The introduction of China Pakistan economic corridor and with its one belt initiative has three routes which would be connecting this one belt under CPEC and the western route includes Peshawar as well.
A railway track which would connect Peshawar to Dera Ismail khan is being laid. As mentioned in Pakistan today a China Pakistan Economic Corridor city is being constructed on Islamabad- Peshawar Motorway, which is over a four-billion-dollar project. Its not all in the air, instead the agreements have been signed between Pakistan and China, as mentioned on CPEC official website. 

This Motorway connects with DHA Peshawar as well as, the national highway, N5. Which would be giving it easy access to the rest of the provinces and deriving a huge amount of traffic. As circulated in news, Peshawar would become the center of CPEC due its significant connections with prominent states.

What makes the DHA Peshawar’s files favorite?

“They say everything happens for a reason, sometimes it would be nice to know that reason”.

The reason behind investors going all crazy about DHA Peshawar files is its location. The location of DHA Peshawar is among the profound societies, with DHA’s presence amidst these societies and towns, it provides them with a solid competition. These areas include Gulberg where a 1 kanal plot at a preferable location costs no less than 1.60 crore, and this is just 4 km distant from DHA while other societies such as Hayatabad are at a distance of 11 km have a plot price up to 1.70 crore.

Other societies such as Askari 6, officer’s colony, Nishtar abad and much more have been populated wisely, which makes DHA Peshawar an authentic reason to move in. The demand in this locale has already seen a boost, and as the DHA Peshawar files balloting happens, there is no turning back for DHA Peshawar.

Another factor which will make DHA Peshawar stand prominent among the hood is the lifestyle it provides. DHA itself is a brand and provides everything from entertainment to business activities.  DHA has already been delivering these facilities, which is a bonus factor in the present locality of Peshawar which are not so organised as of today.

What’s is the impact of Balloting?

Now let me tell you about something, which might open new dimensions for you to invest in and gain profits while you kick back and relax.
There are 4 DHA chapters in Punjab, 1 in Sindh, and now one in Peshawar. The majority of trading among these files is in these projects based in Lahore, which includes 9 Prism, 9 Town, phase 8 Broadway commercial, phase 5 M block, DHA Rahber phase 1 and 2.

For the sake of curiosity lets look back at the precedence set by DHA files in some other areas in our country in the past before and after balloting. Almost in each and every balloting held till to-date the files have gained as much as 10 to 15% before balloting and 20 to 25% in the first 6 months after balloting.

Now the fascinating part about DHA Peshawar files is that after these files get balloted they have the potential of gaining up to 30% in the first quarter and will continue to rise until they reach more or equal to the rates of the towns and societies in competition of DHA Peshawar.

DHA Peshawar files have shown a significant growth compared to other DHA chapters in our country. It has already shown a tremendous increase after July 2017 till now and the file’s rates have shown a 19% increase. DHA Peshawar files are expected to rise even more as the balloting nears and after balloting a plot of 1 kanal at a good location is expected to reach up to 70 – 75 lacs initially.

It is also important to mention here that it may not just be a one way trip and the prices may see a downwards slide as well if there are more sellers than buyers, however if you are patient and you wait for the right time to make an entry or exit you will make substantial profits.

The first question you need to ask yourself as an investor is how long you plan to hold this file, in my persona opinion DHA Peshawar is one of the best files to purchase in terms of investment for a long term scenario of 5 years or more. However it will give great profits for short term traders and mid term traders as well. So no matter which time frame you are looking at Peshawar DHA is a win win situation.

Our evaluation of average prices for a 1 kanal plot in all 3 scenarios is as under :

  • Short term (Couple of months ) –  70 to 75 Lacs
  • Mid term (6 months to an year plus) – 80 to 85 Lacs
  • Long term (3 years plus) – 100 to 150 Lacs

I hope this will help you make the right choice, I wish you all the best and feel free to contact me if you want to invest in DHA Peshawar.


Contributed by;

Hassan Bhatti, 0322 4840979

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I have deposited amount in UBL Charsadda for two plots in DHA Peshawar. so what happend to that? how could I know about the status

Capt Shahnawaz

Dear Jamal,

When did you deposit the amount? was it the processing fee for the ballot of installment files?

Jazak Allah

hamza malik
hamza malik

I bought 3 files myself 2 peshawar and 1 gujranwala. You were right the price just went upto 60lacs. Please update on gujranwala as well.

Capt Shahnawaz

Dear Hamza,

Thats wonderful, Gujranwala will soon see some moment too , you should keep reading our Gujranwala page and download our app for latest updates.

Jazak Allah


please also advise on 10 Marla plots in DHA Peshawar? owners are asking very high margin of profit 15 lack…is it safe to invest?

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